Rodent houses and caves

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Wooden tunnel w/ stuffing for rodents

89,95 DKK – 109,95 DKK
Wooden tunnel with stuffing for your rodent - naur tree - with carrot and peas - without added sugar 20 cm is recommended for smaller rodents such as hamsters and...

Willow bridge - for rodents

29,95 DKK – 159,95 DKK
Bridge for rodents from Natural Living - natural wood
10 x 22 cm / Mouse and hamster, 17 x 28 cm / Guinea pig and chinchilla, 30 x 51 cm / Guinea pigs and rabbits, 40 x 65 cm / Rabbits

JR farm, hay house with carrot

44,95 DKK – 114,95 DKK
JR Hay House carrot - Sleep, eat, hide, climb or gnaw anything is possible for rodents with the hay house. Naturally made from 100% natural material without synthetic material. The...

HøTunnel - edible rodent toy 3 sizes

34,95 DKK – 99,95 DKK
JR FARM Hay Tunnel ALL rodents and rabbits will love to gnaw and hide in this fragrant hay tunnel with hay from the Alps. It is also good for smaller rodents...

Corner house for rodents "Jesper"

49,95 DKK – 159,95 DKK
"Jesper corner house for rodents" Wooden house to put in the corner - good place for the animal to hide With a berth on the roof

Wooden house for small rodents, Hendrik

39,95 DKK – 74,95 DKK
Wooden house: Hendrik Natural Living natural wood products transform the small rodent home into a varied home and ensure activity, entertainment and suitable places for retreat. Robust natural wood and...

Hay cube with flowers - edible toy

104,95 DKK
Hay cube with flowers, for the little rabbit or guinea pig. Natural cube filled with aromatic meadow hay - Refillable and fully edible. Feeding recommendations: Replace if necessary. Rabbit and...

Hay house with mealworms

64,95 DKK
Hay house with mealworms, for the little rodent. Natural house filled with aromatic meadow high and crunchy mealworms as a supplement to animal protein. Refillable and fully edible. Feeding recommendations:...

Tree root for aquariums, terrariums and various small rodents

69,95 DKK – 169,95 DKK
Cave for fish, rodents and various reptiles - polyester resin - tolerates salt water - does not affect water quality - true to life - easy to clean
15 cm, 21.5 cm, 31 cm.

Corner house for rodents, Thordis

54,95 DKK – 189,95 DKK
Cute little wooden house with a ramp on either side of the entrance. (Blokhus Thordis)

Wooden house for rodents "Bjork"

44,95 DKK – 204,95 DKK
Natural Living - Bjork wooden house in natural wood on 2 floors with ramp Natural Living natural wood products transform the small rodent home into a varied home and ensure...

Cozy crackling cave for hamster

34,95 DKK
In nylon with crackle foil for hanging in the cage ø 10/9.5 cm - for suspension in the cage - ass. colors - can be washed at 30°

Tilde Borg for rabbit or guinea pig

289,95 DKK
Tilde house Dimensions: 39 x 20 x 29 cm - soft cozy space on the roof - removable bed (can be hand washed at 30°) Natural Living natural wood products...

Cozy tunnel for hamster

54,95 DKK39,95 DKK
Cozy tunnel for hamster Dimensions: ø 9 x 30 cm - nylon / imitation lambskin - for suspension in the cage - ass colors - can be washed at 30°

Grass house for rodents

79,95 DKK69,00 DKK
Grass house for rodents Dimensions: 28x18x13 Great hiding place for rodents

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of houses and dens for rodents of all types and sizes. On this site, you will find both wooden rodent houses, hamster tunnels with crackling sounds, hay houses with snacks, as well as wooden tunnels and coconut caves. Especially wooden houses and caves are a big hit with most rodents, as they are made of natural material.

Regardless of whether you have a rabbit, a guinea pig, a hamster or any other rodent, on this site you can find the perfect house or the perfect cave for sleeping, nesting and coziness.

Which cave should I choose for my rodent?

Your rodent, regardless of type and size, should be offered the opportunity to hide and make burrows and nests. Rodents are prey animals in nature, and the ability to hide when frightened or asleep is a biological necessity for the animal's well-being.

The cave must fit the size; the rodent must be able to get in, but the hole must not be too large either, as the rodent will typically fill the hole with bedding, straw, etc. in order to properly hide and make a nest if necessary. Many rodents will also store a supply of food in the burrow.

Caves and wooden houses appear more natural than alternatives. There is no risk here either, should your rodent get the idea to taste the cave. Offer a permanent den, e.g. a wooden cave, in a corner and possibly offer other caves periodically, such as exciting tunnels with crackling sounds or hay houses with snacks.

If you have several rodents in the same cage, there should basically be a cave for each. Some rodents will prefer to huddle together; while others are more reserved and territorial, which is why there should always be a den for each individual rodent; regardless of whether it is the same or different breeds.

No need to change the bedding in the cave every time

The cave or house will typically become the rodent's "safe place", where it can go to sleep, relax or when it is startled or afraid. Therefore, it is also not advisable to change the bedding or nesting material in the cave every time the bedding in the cage is changed, which is typically 1-2 times a week.

If your rodent uses its toilet tray, which the vast majority of rodents will do, the bedding in the burrow will typically be relatively clean. Assess from time to time whether it is necessary to change, and if it is not, your rodent should keep its burrow, so that it does not have to start the work from the beginning several times a week.

Some rodents fill up their burrows with food, and here you must of course keep an eye on whether it is a true hoarder who constantly collects for storage, or whether your rodent actually eats the food that is hidden in the burrow. If it is simply collected for storage without the food ever being eaten, it may be necessary to clear out once in a while.