Dog transport

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Carrier bag dog, skai

319,95 DKK – 524,95 DKK
Nice carrying bag. Faux leather exterior that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Soft velvet inside.

Carrier bag dog, checkered

344,95 DKK – 499,95 DKK
Nice carrying case with fabric on the outside, skai on the inside and loose cushion with skai on both sides. Easy to clean inside with a damp cloth. Can be...

Bicycle basket for handlebars, natural wicker

299,95 DKK
Bicycle basket Dimensions: 44 x 48 x 33 cm -Can carry up to 5 kg Colour: natural - arrow - with grid - hangs on the handlebars - with 2...

Bicycle basket for handlebars, black

299,95 DKK
Bicycle basket Dimensions: 50 x 41 x 35 cm -Can carry up to 5 kg Colour Black - arrow - with grid - hangs on the handlebars - with 2...

Dog cage, black transport cage

599,00 DKK – 1.499,00 DKK
Nice dog cage, easy to fold when not in use. Can be used when the dog has to be alone at home or as a transport cage.
58x36x41 cm / fits up to 6 kg dog, 61x46x48 cm / suitable for 5-11 kg dog, 76 x 48 x 53 cm / suitable for 12 - 18 kg dog, 92x58x64 cm / suitable for 19-32 kg dog, 122x76x84 cm / suitable for 42-50 kg dog, 123x78x81 cm / passer til 40-50 kg hund

Dog bag "Helen", really nice and modern

579,95 DKK
woven fabric with artificial leather polyester cover can be opened at the top and at the front foam filling with pockets removable, infinitely adjustable shoulder strap integrated line prevents the animal...

Dog bag / Ava Backpack - super nice Gray bag!

314,95 DKK
integrated line prevents the animal from jumping out net insert ensures a good air supply colour: grey up to 10 kg Ava backpack, 32 x 42 x 22 cm, grey...

Dog bag / DanBackpack - super nice Blue bag!

389,95 DKK
Dan backpack with waist belt for ideal weight distribution stable in shape opens from the front with mesh pocket with integrated short cord padded base plate in lambskin look (polyester),...

Dog blanket, Vet Bed w/rubber base - beige or grey

164,95 DKK – 259,95 DKK
Lovely blanket for cage, sleeping area and car Dog blanket with paws Soft blanket for cage, sleeping area and car. Very suitable for both dogs and cats and particularly suitable...
100 X 75 cm, 50 x 75

Cooling pad for hamster

44,95 DKK
supports regulation of body temperature naturally cooling, when placed in the shade for extra cooling, place the plate in the refrigerator before use non-slip with rubber feet easy cleaning by...

Cooling pad for smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs

69,95 DKK
supports regulation of body temperature naturally cooling, when placed in the shade for extra cooling, place the plate in the refrigerator before use non-slip with rubber feet easy cleaning by...

Mat for Transport box Skudo

49,95 DKK – 99,95 DKK
Mat for the Skudo transport box, gray and made of plush. Available in 4 sizes

Safety belt from K9, is inserted into the car's seat belt buckle

79,95 DKK – 89,95 DKK
A practical attachment to IDC Power harnesses with side rings. It is easy to use the adapter by connecting the carabiner to the side rings and the other part of...
Str. 1, Str. 2

Safety belt for dogs, put in the car's seat belt buckle

39,95 DKK – 59,95 DKK
for all common seat belts durable due to metal lock continuously adjustable Safety harness prevents the dog from moving around in the car. Ideally, the dog should remain strapped in...

Transport box Skudo - accepted by most airlines

224,95 DKK – 899,95 DKK
plastic accepted by most airlines with metal door and lockable snap lock size 4 with 1/size M with 2 storage compartments ventilation holes ensure good air circulation up to size...

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of bags for dogs and products for dog transport. Find transport cages for airplanes, transport bags for cars or bicycle baskets for small dogs. You will also find a larger selection of accessories for transport, such as cooling mats that can be usefully used at the bottom of the cage or bag on hot days, or seat belts if your dog has to be transported in the car seat.

All transport cages for airplanes are of course ATA approved and are therefore approved for use on the flight with all airlines.

If you are in doubt about which dog transport bag or box to choose, we will be happy to guide you.

Dog in the car - how should my dog be transported?

Although many choose to have their dog free in the car while driving, it is always recommended to fasten it or transport it in a transport cage. Both for the safety of the dog and the other passengers. Although the rules in this area are a little unclear, you can risk getting a fine if your dog sits on your lap or sits in the way of your view when you drive a car.

According to the Road Traffic Act, dogs are considered property. Goods do not necessarily have to be secured while driving, but they must not be a nuisance or a danger either. The traffic law states:

  • 82. Persons or goods must not be placed in such a way that the driver does not have a clear view and sufficient opportunity to maneuver the vehicle.

It can be life-threatening with a loose dog in the car

In addition to the risk of getting a fine, you should also consider the risk of a loose dog in the car in the event of a collision.

  • A 2 kg Chihuahua will, for example, collide with a weight of as much as 153 kg in an impact at 100 km/h.
  • If, on the other hand, the dog weighs 30 kg (e.g. a Labrador), the dog will collide with a weight of a terrifying 2,298 kg in a collision at 100 km/h.
  • If you drive only half as fast – i.e. 50 km/h – the weight for a Chihuahua will still be 50 kg and for a Labrador 738 kg.

There are therefore potentially fatal collisions in both cases – both for dog and passengers.

Already teach your dog from puppyhood to sit in a transport bag on the floor, if it is a small dog, or a transport cage in the trunk, if it is a larger breed - or spread a blanket on the back seat and fasten the dog with a safety harness for dogs. These are the safest solutions for all parties – and typically it will also bring peace to the dog that it cannot move around freely in the moving car.