Dog lights, Lights & accessories

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Batteries for lights

19,95 DKK – 29,95 DKK
Small flat batteries for lights - several sizes

Flexi New Neon Classic, retractable round dog lead

134,95 DKK – 179,95 DKK
flexi New Neon Flexline. The sides of the handle are covered with neon-colored reflectors for better visibility. Chrome-plated carabiner. The leash is equipped with the patented, one-handed brake system, so...

The dog light with magnet, beautiful Italian design

149,95 DKK74,95 DKK
The lamp Lucina Weatherproof, magnetic, can sit anywhere Lucina is a light that can sit on the dog's leash, the collar, the harness, the dog's jacket, or on you. Small...

Dog light, small silicone light

44,95 DKK – 49,95 DKK
settings 'on' or 'flashing' silicone safe from water splashes approx. 45 hours of flashing lights, approx. 20 hours of continuous light 8 cm

Light for small dogs and cats in the dark time

29,95 DKK
Flasher for dogs and cats Flasher for cat. Available in red or blue. Resistant to water splashes. 1 set of spare batteries included. 2 x approx. 30 hours of flashing...

Light collar, Yellow, LED, USB charging

139,95 DKK – 159,95 DKK
Luminous rechargeable polyester dog collar, with reflective stripes and protected against water splashes. It can flash for a total of approx. up to 6 hours and if it lights up...
30-40cm, 40-55cm, 50-70cm

Orbiloc battery, service KIT

69,95 DKK59,95 DKK
Orbiloc service KIT, consists of new battery and rubber seal. ATTENTION For the new model orbiloc light.

Orbiloc Carabiner

89,95 DKK79,95 DKK
With the Orbiloc Carabiner, it is possible for you to hang the Orbiloc safety dog light on the dog's collar, on the dog's harness or on the dog's leash... yes,...

Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable

89,95 DKK
Orbiloc Quick Mount Adjustable ATTENTION fits the new model orbiloc light at the end of 2017.

Orbiloc Reflective Clip (Reflex)

89,95 DKK
The Reflective Clip is a novelty. Reflective Clip is a combination of our well-known Clip and a reflector - similar to what we know from cat's eyes on bicycles. The...

Dog light BLUE from Orbiloc, waterproof and with strong light

219,00 DKK209,00 DKK
Available in several colors The Orbiloc Safety Light Dog Dual is indispensable at dusk and in the dark. You and your dog can be seen up to 5 km away...

Safety vest for dogs, 5 sizes

44,95 DKK – 84,95 DKK
Safety vest for dogs made of polyester reflective edging and paw motif quick and easy to use thanks to velcro adjustable at stomach and neck colour: neon yellow
Str. 0 / XS, Str. 1 / Small, Str. 2 / Medium, Str. 3 / Large, Str. 4 / XL

Silicone lamp with paw

44,95 DKK
settings 'on' or 'flashing' silicone safe from water splashes approx. 45 hours of flashing lights, approx. 20 hours of continuous light 8 cm
To be able to see your dog in the dark, dog lights or flashlights can be considered. You can also buy dog reflectors and collars with lights for your dog.