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Ham bones for dogs

14,95 DKK – 24,95 DKK
Half leg, Medium leg

Pig ears, natural dog treat

15,00 DKK – 100,00 DKK

Here at Us with pets you will find everything for dogs, whether they are young dogs, puppies or the older dog, it doesn't matter. We have something for everyone and always a large selection of quality products at competitive prices, so at Us with pets you will find everything you need for your dog within dog food, toys and other accessories for dogs and we always have a lot of good offers, both on equipment and dog food. So at Us with pets you never go wrong in the city - and you shop locally at the same time, as we work together with a large number of vets across the country, which means that at Us with pets you can buy diet food for dogs and other equipment from your local vet..

At Us with pets you will find a huge selection for dogs of all breeds and sizes, at just the right prices.

If you're looking for something for your dog, which is mankind's oldest pet and has been for over a thousand years, then you've come to the right place, whether it's dog food , food bowls, harnesses, dog toys or anything else, you'll find it at Us with pets , where you can also buy disease diets from the vet. If you are looking for a new rain jacket (rain blanket) for your best friend the dog or if the little new puppy needs its legally required dog tag, you will also find this at Us with pets - here you will find 1000s of products for your dog.

The dog is mankind's oldest pet and has been so for over a thousand years. In Denmark, there are more than a hundred thousand dog owners and there is a reason for that: a dog is much more than a domestic animal. It is an entertaining playmate, a gentle soul warmer, a strong life companion, in short - man's best friend. At Us with pets you will find a wide range with all the things your dog needs to have a happier dog life (which dog can live without pampering ;)). Say thank you to your four-legged friend with something from our large selection of high-quality products at Us with pets .

In the shop you will not only find the best dry and wet food products, but also fantastic toys and many super durable dog transport boxes and many other good offers.

In addition to the short descriptions, you can find detailed information by clicking on the linked subpages.

Disease diets for dogs (Dry food & Wet food)
When your dog is ill or has undergone treatment at your vet, diet is extra important, and precisely for this reason the vets also have some very special dog food, both as dry food and wet food. Normally you have to go to your vet and pick up disease diets for your dog, but fortunately we have a collaboration with a large number of vets all over Denmark and more are coming all the time. This means that you can easily and quickly get your dog's disease diet delivered to your door, in collaboration with Os med peting and Danske Dyrlæger - at internet prices, which is not a bad thing either ;-)

Dog food (dry food)
When it comes to your dog's dry food, which is the most important food source for dogs, you need to be sure that you are giving it quality and not what food it would be like if we ate "junk food" every day, all our lives . The dry food you give your four-legged friend must have a wide range of important nutrients, vitamins and contain good proteins, so that your dog can have a long and good life - at Us with pets we only have quality brands that we would give our dogs ourselves , this means that you will not find dog food, but dog food :-) here we mean, of course, dog food where you are sure that it is good proteins, not too many and the right vitamins and minerals.

Dog food (wet food)
In Denmark, we use very little wet food, if you look at other countries, this is a good thing, since dry food is what we recommend you use as food for your dog and wet food is more of a snack, or if your dog is sick, etc. which is not so good is that the wet food that is sold in Denmark is often of very low quality, something that we here at Os with pets would really like to help change, therefore you will only find wet food with us which can be used as complete food, then you are sure that your dog gets all the important nutrients, vitamins and contains good proteins, everything that a good dog food should have - not that we recommend pure feeding with wet food, a mix between quality dry and wet food, is what we recommend. Remember that it is also important to buy food according to your dog's age, there is a big difference between whether you need adult food or puppy food for your dog.

Dog treats
If you are going to dog training, or just have some dog snacks for your dog, here at Os with pets you can find lots of dog treats in different shapes, textures and varieties. We also have a wide range of dog treats to help with your dog's dental care. What they have in common is that your dog will love them :-)

Dog beds & Dog baskets
Like ourselves, most dogs are not very happy to sleep on the cold floor, they will probably like most dogs, yes and people, prefer to sleep in a nice soft dog bed or dog basket, it also provides security and possibility to give the dog its own place where it can retire after an active day. A dog bed or dog basket is especially important if your dog suffers from, among other things, arthritis, it will help him a lot to lie well, away from cold floors and make sure he has a dog bed that supports him. That's why you'll also find a large assortment of dog beds and dog baskets at Us with pets , from health beds to heating mats and thermal blankets and completely normal, lovely, soft dog beds that your dog can lie in and gather energy for the next walks.

Dog cages, car boxes & car accessories:
It is not a legal requirement that your dog must wear a harness, and for example sit in a transport cage or be restrained when you have them in your car. But we would certainly recommend it, for the safety of the animal, the driver and any passengers, as a dog of any size, during an accident or hard braking, can be seriously injured and be responsible for the death of oneself or others in the car , as a dog that flies through your car will do a lot of damage to them and what it hits - and itself.

We therefore also have a large selection of dog cages, car boxes and other accessories for the car, so that your dog or dogs can be securely fastened during the drive.

If you are traveling with your dog(s), you also need a good and approved transport box, which you will also find at Us with pets . Always remember to find the applicable safety regulations in the country you want to travel to with the dog(s). Eg. is it a legal requirement for dogs to be leashed in the car in Germany.

Dog leash & Dog collar
One's dog must look good on the walk and therefore every proud dog should also be in possession of a nice dog collar and dog leash. But it's not enough that it has to look good, it also has to be nice to wear and walk with, so we also have a large selection of dog leashes, flexilines (retractable dog leashes) and dog collars in fabric, leather and much more, so when it's time for a replacement, take a look at our website Us with pets here can find the right dog harness, the right collar that matches and provides good comfort for a relaxing walk.

Dog Grooming & Clippers:
Hygiene and fur care are important to ensure your dog has a healthy and beautiful fur and therefore it is necessary to groom your dog regularly. First of all, fur care is important, here it is all about grooming, washing and cutting, which is done with the help of a clipper, dog brush, dog comb, dog shampoo & conditioner, something that you will find a huge selection of at Us with pets . Next is the paw care, your dog uses them all the time and if he can't hold his nails by himself, then a nail clipper and file is necessary, and to protect it from salt and other things, especially in the winter time, it is also necessary to

paw care cream, wax and paw protection shoes so that your dog can really enjoy his walk and not come home with sore paws. In addition to this, your dog must be protected against ticks and fleas, this can be done in several ways and therefore we also have a large selection of flea products for dogs. But luckily you can find it all at Us with pets so this is no problem and with us you can easily keep your dog clean, healthy and well-groomed.

Dog sports & dog training
If you go to dog training or other sports with your dog, we have a good selection of products here at Us with pets .

Dog toys
Yes, dog toys are very difficult to avoid when you are a dog owner. That's why we also have a huge selection of toys for dogs, of all sizes, so they can all have something to fight with. We've also gone to great lengths to find dog toys that help your dog, be it for their teeth or just to pass the time, such as smart food bowls and other toys for your dog to play with while you're away work. At Us with pets you will find toys for adult dogs as well as a wide selection of puppy toys . If you are looking for toys for your dog, you have come to the right page.

Dog bowls
A large selection of different dog bowls enables your four-legged friend to choose his own favourite. The bowls are not only different in size, shape and colour, but also in the material: stainless steel, ceramic or plastic.

Puppies and young dogs
Here there are not only products for small dogs and puppies, but also good advice and guidance.

Buy Danish and from the local vet
At Us with pets , we are very proud to be able to say that when you shop for your dog with us, you are shopping Danish, that means we are located in Denmark, we hire in Denmark and we pay tax and VAT in Denmark . And not only that, the turnover at Us with pets goes through Danish vets who have chosen to be part of Us with pets . This means that when you shop for your dog - at really good internet prices, you are supporting Denmark and the Danish vets who do a great job in the local area, whether it is Copenhagen, Jutland or Funen, there is always need a vet.