Hill's Science Plan & Hill's Prescription Diet for dogs and cats

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Hill's was founded by Dr. Mark Morris, an exceptional vet. He believed that we should take our animals' health as seriously as our own.

After seeing a link between poor nutrition and disease in dogs and cats, Dr. Mark Morris a dog and cat food that was superior compared to other food on the market.

The turning point for dr. Morris came when he met a blind man named Morris Frank and his beloved guide dog Buddy. Buddy was suffering from kidney disease, and Morris Frank asked Dr. Morris for help. Dr. Morris knew that most types of feed at the time contained a lot of phosphorus and protein to improve taste, and that feeding them could therefore damage the kidneys. So he set about developing a feed that had a low salt content, but still good taste and high nutritional value.

This food became Hill's Prescription Diet k/d™, which became the first commercially available dog and cat food from Hill's. It helped Morris and Buddy have many more happy years together. That's why we consider Buddy Hill's first dog.