Hills Science Plan - Food your dog or cat will love.

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Scientifically developed nutrition for your cat, regardless of age, size and sensitivity

Due to the many veterinarians who are part of the development of Hill's dog food and cat food, it is also clear that Hill's science plan is much more than a simple pet food manufacturer. They are animal lovers who work tirelessly to make a difference for your pet.

But the best nutrition in the world won't make a difference if your cat or dog doesn't love to eat it. That is why this is a big part of their work too, they have created a food that your dog or cat will love, with the salty ingredients (not too much salt of course ;)), lovely aromas and unique shapes and textures that have been tested and adapted so that your dog and cat simply cannot resist.

Food from Science Plan, food that your dog or cat will love.

Peace of mind is priceless. That's why only the best ingredients from the most trusted sources are the foundation of all Prescription Diet® foods. Hill's carries out over 5 million quality and safety checks per year. years at their own facilities, as well as voluntary third-party inspections almost every month to ensure they maintain the highest standards, so you can feed your cat or dog Hill's food with peace of mind.