Hill's Ideal Balance for dogs

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Hill's Science Plan is one of the leading food brands worldwide, their food stands for quality and you know you can never go wrong in the city with dog food from Hill's Science Plan. They have quite a few different versions and you can therefore cover all dog breeds with dog food from Hill's Science Plan even if it is sick. Hill's Science Plan is the veterinarians' approved feed brands and you will therefore not find many vets in Denmark who do not carry Prescription Diet from Hill's. which is their vet food for dogs. You can also get Prescription Diet from Hill's . at Us with pets as we have cooperation with a large number of vets around Denmark. This also means that you shop locally when you shop for dog food at Us with pets.

Hill's team of dog nutrition experts use natural ingredients to create dog food with an optimal content of more than 50 nutrients, providing nutrition that is perfectly balanced to support your dog's health – nothing more, nothing less.

Clinically proven nutrition that can change your dog or cat's life.

Hill'sTM Ideal Balance Canine Mature Adult is specially developed to meet the needs of older dogs. Made from natural ingredients in perfect balance, with fresh chicken as the No. 1 ingredient that supports your dog's health, immune system and digestion, and cares for its skin and coat. 100% balanced. 100% taste. Guaranteed.

  • Perfectly balanced nutrition
  • Made from the best natural ingredients
  • With fresh chicken as ingredient no. 1
  • Without corn, wheat and soy
  • Without artificial colors and flavors or preservatives.
  • 100% balanced nutrition, 100% taste. Guaranteed.

Also watch this little film about Hill's ideal balance, which explains its benefits very briefly: