Rabbit and Rodent Snacks

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Activity sniff ball for dogs, for dry food

89,95 DKK
DOG ACTIVITY SNUG BALL with 2 different fringe lengths can also be used for feeding the daily dry food prevents the animal from swallowing the feed polyester Ø 15 cm     ...

Activity toys for birds and rodents, snack drawers

99,95 DKK
The bird/rodent must pull the sisal strings to get the treat. Large air holes help find snacks. Gives the rodent/bird mental stimulation. Trains skills. Made of wood. Incl. guidance with...

Activity blanket, sniffing blanket for dogs, cats, rabbits & rodents

269,95 DKK234,95 DKK
For dogs and cats. The animal gets the treats using its snout or paws. With 2 different fringe lengths. Can also be used for daily feeding. Prevents the animal from...

Dwarf hamster food Emotion® Beauty Selection 300g

29,00 DKK
- with delicious grains, healthy vegetables, fruity apple and tasty prawns Emotion® Beauty Selection combines optimal nutrition with delicious taste A delicious mixture with small bites, which covers all nutritional...

Fitbits, for the teeth - treats for all rabbits and rodents

39,95 DKK
Teeth grinding treat for all rabbits and rodents. Used as a snack and between meals. 500g

Seed sticks for rodents and rabbits, Puur

34,95 DKK
Seed bars from Puur, Witte mollen, pure gourmet rodent bars! richly coated with delicious ingredients / no chance of boredom // pure pleasure 3 x oven-baked gnawing sticks Without artificial...

Fun-Park from JR Farm, delicious edible food bowl!

104,95 DKK
Fun-Park from JR Farm, delicious edible food bowl! Awaken your animal's primal instincts. Rodents and pygmy rabbits cheat their food out in their natural environment, even in the ground. Therefore, you...

Rodent activity blanket, sniffing blanket

129,95 DKK
Activation toy for rabbit, the rabbit has to sniff to get its treats. Snuse rug 27x20 cm, Grey/Green

Rodent snacks from JR farm drops mix

69,95 DKK
JR FARM DROPS MIX A tasty dietary supplement used for daily vitamin needs. Natural nutrients and supplements provide silky and shiny coats as well as healthy and strong joints. Feeding recommendations: depending...

Rodent and bird snacks from JR farm dried cumin sticks

29,95 DKK
JR FARM CUMIN STICKS 10GR Cumin promotes digestion and stimulates gastrointestinal activity. Can also be given as snacks for birds. Analytical content: Protein 5.2%, fat content 1.4%, crude fiber 41.8%, crude...

Rodent snacks from JR farm drops mix

24,95 DKK
JR FARM DROPS MIX A tasty dietary supplement used for daily vitamin needs. Natural nutrients and supplements provide silky and shiny coats as well as healthy and strong joints. Feeding recommendations: depending...

Rodent snack from JR Farm - Huge delicious fully edible "Lag cake"

79,95 DKK
JR FARM SMALL ANIMAL CAKE 200GR Surprise your pet with this tasty cake! Filled with aromatic herbs (lid is removable) covered with vitamin-rich carrots and crunchy coconut flakes. Carefully decorated with grain-free...

Rodent snacks from JR farm Banana chips

34,95 DKK
JR FARM Banana Slices are not only a tasty and crunchy treat, they also contain important nutrients. Supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters and mice. 150g Ingredients:...

Rodent snacks from JR farm Carrot chips

24,95 DKK
JR FARM CARROT 125g JR FARM Carrot slices are carefully dried (without added preservatives such as sulphur) so that most of the natural vitamins and important beta-carotene are preserved. All natural...

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of snacks and treats for rabbits and other rodents. Whether you have a rabbit, a guinea pig, a hamster or any other rodent, you can find snacks and healthy snacks on this site.

We have treats with different flavors, hay houses, food balls, dried corn on the cob, wooden tunnels with filling and a lot of other things that can both please, entertain and stimulate your rodent. Always choose treats that are produced for your particular type of rodent, so that both size and product content are the best possible fit.

Why should I buy snacks for my rodent?

It may seem unnecessary to buy snacks for your rodent if you already feed them with rodent food and supplement with greens from the garden, the greenhouse or the fridge. Nevertheless, rodent snacks are a good supplement, as many of the varieties have been developed with a focus on good nutritional and vitamin content. It is therefore not about "sweets", but about healthy and nutritious supplements to the basic feed.

In addition, you can get a wide variety of rodent snacks that have been developed to entertain and stimulate your rodent, so that it does not get bored and so that it is trained mentally - even when it is alone. Understimulated rodents can e.g. find yourself biting maniacally at the bars. You avoid this with food balls, wooden tunnels, Fun-Parks and other fun and challenging ways of serving snacks.

Remember to serve fresh greens to your rodent

In addition to dried rodent snacks, challenging rodent snacks and vitamin-containing rodent snacks, you should offer your rodent fruit and vegetables on a daily basis - and especially greens. It is now once again the feed that comes closest to what the animal would live on in the wild. Many rodents love lettuce, cabbage, carrots, peppers, cucumbers and all kinds of vegetables. You can also indulge in a little sweeter fruit every now and then, but it doesn't have to be on a daily basis.

Be sure to match the fresh vegetables with feed and rodent snacks. If the food or the purchased snacks mainly contain carrots, you should choose another alternative such as fresh greens, so that your rodent gets as varied a diet as possible.

Both rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents also benefit from dried herbs as a supplement. You can either make this yourself, or you can choose your rodent snacks so that they precisely contain more herbs and fewer vegetables, which can then be served fresh instead. Dandelions are also typically a good (and free) hit with most rodents.