Rodent toys and activity

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169,95 DKK
Nice start to training with adjustable obstacles as well as animal-friendly activity and mental stimulation Material: Wood, untreated/Willow incl. training guide

Bridge / Ladder for hamsters and smaller rodents

29,95 DKK
Ladder with feed bowl. Hang this up in the cage and watch the little rodents bite, hang and explore their new fun suspension bridge. Natural wood flexible. For hanging 27.5x7...

Bridge for hamsters and smaller rodents

49,95 DKK
Hang this up in the cage and watch the little rodents bite, hang and explore their new fun suspension bridge. Natural wood flexible. For hanging

Fruit holder for the bird/rodent cage

29,95 DKK24,95 DKK
Fruit holder to hang up in the bird and/or rodent cage Measurements: 20 cm - metal

Fun-Park from JR Farm, delicious edible food bowl!

104,95 DKK
Fun-Park from JR Farm, delicious edible food bowl! Awaken your animal's primal instincts. Rodents and pygmy rabbits cheat their food out in their natural environment, even in the ground. Therefore, you...

Rodent activity blanket, sniffing blanket

129,95 DKK
Activation toy for rabbit, the rabbit has to sniff to get its treats. Snuse rug 27x20 cm, Grey/Green

Rodent Toys - barbells 2-pack

19,95 DKK
natural wood 2 different kinds - supports the necessary wear and tear of the teeth - made from 100% natural material ø 4.5 cm x 9 cm

Rodent toy, cotton toy rope with block at each end

19,95 DKK
Play blocks with cotton attached between them. 2 wooden blocks made of 100% natural material - eg. for hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits etc 20 cm

Dig/play tower for mice and hamsters

169,95 DKK
Nice play tower with two entrances and edge that prevents the bedding from falling out - acrylic window for observing the animals Material: wood

Grass ball with bell

19,95 DKK – 24,95 DKK
Grass ball with bell activity for rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents

Grass ball, apple-shaped

29,95 DKK
Grass ball with blade made of 100% natural material activity for rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents

Natural Living Scooter

169,95 DKK
NATURAL LIVING RUNNING WHEELS IN WOOD moves easily and quietly using ball bearings solid running surface wood with bark. Your animal's health is important to us. That's why our Natural...

Cozy tunnel for small rodents

74,95 DKK
Cozy tunnel for small rodents. Dimensions: ø 15 x 35 cm nylon / imitation lambskin assistant colors

Suspension bridge for hamster

74,95 DKK69,95 DKK
Fun hanging bridge for hamsters, activity for your hamster Dimensions: 29 x 25 x 9 cm - wooden ladder with suspension - rope ladder, play rope and alloy with wooden...

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of exciting activity equipment and toys for rodents. Often, rodents are alone for many hours every day, and therefore they need employment in order not to get bored. It can, for example, be in the form of feed balls, grass balls, hay houses, play rollers with bells, scooters, etc.

On this page you will find a bit of everything, so you can find exactly the activity toy that suits your rodent. Feel free to choose different toys that can be switched between, so that there is always something challenging and exciting in the cage.

Why should my rodent have activity toys?

All animals need activation and stimulation when caged. Here, the opportunities are not the same as in nature, and if a rabbit or a guinea pig is simply sitting in a cage with only straw, water and food day in and day out, the animal will be bored and understimulated, which is typically expressed in behavior such as frantically gnawing on the bars or becoming aggressive on contact.

It is important for your pet's well-being that it is entertained and challenged during the day. You can offer this in the form of various activity toys when the animal is alone at home, and in the form of your company, play and cuddles when the opportunity is there. Most rodents are social animals that will thrive best by getting out of the cage, exploring and being social for many hours a day. This applies in particular to rabbits, but also to rodents such as guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas. What they have in common is that the more they are in human hands, the more cuddly and sociable they will be.

House rabbits without a cage

It is actually possible to keep rabbits without a cage. The so-called house rabbits are becoming more and more common here. This is partly because rabbits are actually very clean animals that can learn to go to the toilet tray, and that they can become just as tame and cuddly as cats and dogs. In addition, rabbits actually thrive best with lots of space, social contact and challenge, which they get far more easily outside the cage.

Domestic rabbits require a toilet corner, as rabbits both in the wild and in cages will typically select a corner they use as a toilet. The corner can be a toilet tray for rodents that are in the living room or that are in an open rabbit cage. In addition to the toilet corner, there must be access to food and water, and there must be access to activation and stimulation during the day, so that the rabbit does not find entertainment by biting wires, carpets or panels.