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Hay and feed ball for rodents, choose ml 3 size.

34,95 DKK – 74,95 DKK
diameter 8 cm, ø 12 cm, ø 16 cm

Corner toilet for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets etc

34,95 DKK – 64,95 DKK
36 x 21 x 30/30cm, 45 x 21 x 30/30cm

Ceramic bowl for rodents

24,95 DKK – 59,95 DKK

In the rodent category you will find a wide range of rodent snacks , accessories and feed for your rabbit or rodent such as Hamster, Guinea Pig, Mice and other small animals, from some of the biggest manufacturers such as Trixie, Vitakraft, Christian Petersen. This means you will always find a large selection of indoor cages , houses and caves , as well as other accessories, so that your cage can be optimal for just your rodent. We also always have a good selection of outdoor cages, here you will also always find many nice rabbit cages in different sizes and models as well as suitable runs . Food is an important part of your rodent's well-being and therefore we also have a wide range of quality food for your rodent, which you can buy online and have delivered right to your door. Enjoy !

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Which rodent food should I choose?

First of all, you must choose a feed that is intended for the type of rodent you have. Some types of rodents can eat the same feed just fine, and the feed is therefore intended for several types of rodents. In that case, it will appear from the package and the product description. However, certain types of rodents need special nutritional content; just as there can be a difference in the optimal size of the feed.

When you have to choose feed, you can choose a very simple one of the kind that consists of pellets, e.g. rabbit pills for rabbits. This is a basic feed that will require a daily supplement of fresh vegetables. You can also choose a so-called luxury feed, which contains, among other things, dried fruit and vegetables. This will partly give a better taste experience, but it will also not require the same amount of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

In addition to fresh vegetables, all rodents should have a mineral stone in their cage. In addition to the minerals' good properties, the stone helps sharpen the teeth. Rodents have teeth that grow throughout their lives, and if they are not sharpened sufficiently, the teeth will grow backwards and up into the palate, which is very painful and will cause the animal to stop eating. In addition to mineral stones, you can advantageously give your rodent vitamins in the form of e.g. vitamin pills, so you are sure that the animal gets the nutrition and vitamins it needs. It is especially recommended in the winter months.

How is rodent food stored in the cage?

Regardless of whether it is a rabbit, a guinea pig, a hamster or any other rodent, there should always be access to fresh water and fresh food. The water should be given in a drinking bottle that hangs on the cage so that the water does not get dirty.

The food can be given in a bowl that hangs low in the cage or stands on the bottom. Typically, the food bowls that hang on the cage will be made of stainless steel, while food bowls to be placed at the bottom of the cage require more weight in order not to be knocked over, and therefore they are typically made of ceramic. Make sure to regularly clean both food bowls and drinking bottles, so that food and water are always clean and fresh.