Go away dog/cat

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Get rid of unwanted dog and cat behavior both indoors and outdoors!

"Go away dog/cat" is used against unwanted behavior indoors in dogs and cats, for example if the dog or cat bites or scratches the sofa, or if they urinate indoors where you don't want it, then use "Go away dog/cat" after cleaning with "Urine Off".

"Urine Off" is a fantastic cleaning agent that both disinfects and removes the urine crystals. This means that when you have cleaned with "Urine Off", you remove the "Pee spot" as you have removed the marking completely. Cat urine has a very pungent smell, and if you are unlucky enough that the cat has peed on a sofa that cannot be put in the washing machine, the smell can be removed, it just takes several times with "Urine Off"

If you have problems finding out how large the pee series is indoors, "urine off" has made a "Urine Off Finder" , so you can shine a light around your home on walls, panels, furniture and so on, and spots will light up all the way up, and you can get rid of the pee series.

We have several different types of agents, both for outdoor and indoor use. Our products are harmless to both nature and furniture, as long as you use them correctly, you should therefore not use the outdoor products indoors, and the same the other way around.

"Get Off" is used outdoors if, for example, you have cats that feed in your beds in your garden or along the beds in the gravel. Get Off is jelly that is placed on the ground where care is taken.

And remember... It takes about 2 months to change a habit, so stick with it and keep going :)

Most of our products use crystals and/or smell to keep dogs and cats away, so there is no question of poison or anything else dangerous. At Vetboxen.dk we also have "Urine peg" which makes your dog prefer to pee in a certain place (namely on the peg), this can save your lawn a lot.

As Vetboxen.dk is a collection of local vets, you support your local vet with Vetboxen.dk. We ship everything from the same warehouse, so you don't have to think about driving down to your local vet to pick up feed and other products. Vetboxen.dk therefore also has 1000s of products, so we cover almost all pets' needs, plus you shop locally and in Denmark.