Bird toys

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Birds and rodents: wooden toys that are fun to bite into with lava stone

24,95 DKK
Wood with lava stone Measurements: 16 cm Fun and good activity for your bird. Good for beak care and then there is a little bell in it (doesn't ring as...

Double bird swing for budgies

24,95 DKK
Double swing for budgies Dimensions: 12 x 20 cm - tree - with bell

Wooden swing for your bird

29,95 DKK – 44,95 DKK
Natural Living bow swing 2 sizes - tree - with wooden discs and rope Natural Living is a range of products in robust natural wood and original bark.
15x20 cm, 22x29cm

Bird toys, climbing frame

29,95 DKK – 44,95 DKK
Animal-friendly design - climbing frame with perches tree with bark

Natural ladder for small birds and rodents

19,95 DKK – 29,95 DKK
Natural ladder made of wood
5 steps / 26 cm, 7 steps/30 cm

Wooden ladder for birds

9,95 DKK – 24,94 DKK
Wooden ladder for birds and other small animals. Available in different lengths. The ladder can be used to get from, for example, a table to a cage or to create...

Bird swing with a small bell

19,95 DKK
Swing for the bird with a small bell Dimensions: 12 x 15 cm Natural wood

Cat toys, plastic ball or rattle with bells

9,95 DKK
Plastic ball with bell, birds and small parrots will also find it fun to throw around with this ball. Ø4cm plastic with bell in a plastic barrel different colors A...

Bird toys for the bottom with beads and bell - for small and medium birds

34,95 DKK
If your bird loves to play on the bottom or on the table, then this is super fun. There are beads that your bird can dazzle with, there is a...

Activity toys for birds, Ferris wheel

24,95 DKK
Ferris wheel With small rattle balls, the mill rotates around 10cm

Bird mirror, Disco ball with bell

49,95 DKK
The JW Insight Disco Ball Bird Toy will get the party started! The disco ball hangs from a fun, zany hook, with a dangling bell underneath that will make your...

Bird/parakeet toy, colorful and fun 11cm

44,95 DKK
Birrdeeez Bird Heli Toy Colored bird toys. The bird can turn the stick in different directions according to its own wishes. The bell on the bottom adds extra fun to...

Bird stick with strings or toy with string and bell

79,95 DKK – 99,95 DKK
Small wooden toy Contains a lot of colorful jersey fabric. BIRDBT3103 and 04 are equipped with a beautiful bell. Easy to mount using carabiners or a wing nut. Size BIRDBT3103...
25 cm toy, 35 cm toy, 50 cm perch

Bird activity, Balls (which can be filled with snacks) & bell

39,95 DKK
Your parakeet will not be bored with this colorful toy! The grid balls activity from JW is made of four hanging balls with cutouts that can be filled with treats....

Bird activity, fun Olympiads

39,95 DKK
JW Activitoy Olympia Rings With these rings, your parakeet will never be bored again! Olympia Rings are translucent multicolored hanging rings that can be easily installed in your bird's cage....
Birds are silly and love to play! They really like swinging things, uneven perches and seats and different things that you can bite into small pieces - something to fill the time with and it must be really fun :)