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Millet cobs French Yellow

29,95 DKK – 79,95 DKK
small bag 6 pcs, bag of 20 pcs

Sandpaper for birds

34,95 DKK – 39,95 DKK
25x40cm, 28x43cm

French Red millet cobs

29,95 DKK – 79,95 DKK
small bag 6 pcs, Large ps bag 20 pcs

Sepia Shells - for budgies, canaries etc.

19,95 DKK – 30,00 DKK
12 cm, 16 cm, approx. 20cm (XL)

Seat post Y-shaped

24,95 DKK – 29,95 DKK

Transport box for smaller animals

10,00 DKK – 25,00 DKK
Small 7.9x8x14.5cm, Medium 21.9x9.4x14.2cm, Large 25x12.5x22.5cm.

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of quality products at competitive prices and for all types of birds, whether budgies, parrots, lovebirds, canaries, tropical birds, parakeets.

Then we have something for you. We do a lot to ensure that our bird equipment and food for birds is of high quality, therefore our seed mix also only contains seeds and not full of grain, which you often see in cheap mixes.

If you are looking for a new cage, some bird toys or something else, we have that too.

What you must always remember is that birds are very intelligent animals and therefore quickly get bored, so you must therefore always ensure that they have plenty of daily activity, which should be a mixture of food and toys.

Which is why in our selection you will find plenty of toys for birds, such as climbing ropes, swings, natural sticks and much, much more.

This means that you can ensure that your bird is always activated throughout its daily life and therefore has a better and long good life.