Essential luxury treats

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ESSENTIAL Lamb mini delights - small soft grain-free lamb treats

25,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL Lamb mini delights - small soft grain-free lamb treats Grain-free, cold-pressed & more than 70% lamb. What's not to like when you need a treat for training, motivation and...

ESSENTIAL Motivation delights 500g - delicious training treats

50,00 DKK
The classic little exercisers. The product does not follow the BOF principle, and should therefore only be used for training purposes. We have chosen to include the product in our...

ESSENTIAL Turkey mini delights - small soft grain-free turkey treats

25,00 DKK
A grain-free recipe with plenty of turkey. A great little case for those looking for a little variety to our other terrific MINI DELIGHTS. Obviously as a treat for training,...

ESSENTIAL Turkey Delights 200 G - also good for dog training

50,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL Turkey Delights 200 G - also good for dog training Have you been looking for a grain-free & meaty training treat? ESSENTIAL Turkey (turkey) Delights are 6-8 small training...

ESSENTIAL Skin (beef skin) Delights 5 pcs - good chewing activity

50,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL Skin (beef skin) Delights 5 pcs - good chewing activity It's a HIT! - Our best bet for a both delicious and natural snack with good chewing activity. You...

ESSENTIAL Rabbit Delights - good chewing activity

50,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL Rabbit Delights - good chewing activity YES to us with allergies! 100% rabbit chew snack. Yum. Simply the perfect teeth-cleaning chewy delight for allergies, suspected allergies or if it...

ESSENTIAL tiny fish delights - small delicious dog snacks

50,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL TINY FISH DELIGHTS 90G Delicious little fish caught in the Baltic Sea and simply dried, these little streamers are a rasper like no other. 100% pure, and via sustainable...

ESSENTIAL Lamb Skin Delights - good allergy-friendly chewy treat

50,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL Lamb Skin Delights - good allergy-friendly chewy treat YES to us with allergies! 100% lamb chew snack. Yum. Oh yes please. A lamb variant of our hideously popular ESSENTIALS...

ESSENTIAL Dental Delights 12 pcs

50,00 DKK
Chewable toothbrushes to keep tartar & plaque at bay. Not a BOF product, therefore the quantity must be adjusted. We recommend a maximum of 2 per week, so as not...

ESSENTIAL Icelandic fish delights - large delicious dog snacks

50,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL ICELAND FISH DELIGHTSHold your nose, you feel like saying. But it is certainly not entirely fair, because ESSENTIAL ICELAND FISH DELIGHTS is an incredibly healthy snack that is the...

ESSENTIAL finest sliced venison & duck (deer & duck) - luxury treats!

65,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL finest sliced venison & duck (deer & duck) - luxury treats! When only the very best is good enough. ESSENTIALS FINEST is our range of luxury treats that match...

ESSENTIAL Marrow Bone (marrow bone with filling)

50,00 DKK
Marrow bone! A classic, marrow bone filling with tripe. Teeth cleaning activity for many hours. ESSENTIAL MARROW-BONE DELIGHT - & with 2 pcs in a pack it's a fair price....

ESSENTIAL Cow Delights XL (cow ears) 2 pcs in the bag - good chewing activity

35,00 DKK
ESSENTIAL COW DELIGHTS XL 2PCS. 2 GIANT ears in a bag. That is it. This joy completely follows our BOF principle, and it is the perfect chewy treat for virtually...

ESSENTIAL finest lamb & venison bars (lamb & venison) - luxury treats!

65,00 DKK
When only the very best is good enough. ESSENTIALS FINEST is our range of luxury treats that match the content of our meals. The snack bar above them all! This...

ESSENTIAL finest duck, herb & apple sausages (duck, herbs & apple) 6 pieces of luxury treat!

65,00 DKK
When only the very best is good enough. ESSENTIALS FINEST is our range of luxury treats that match the content of our meals. Here as 6 larger snack sausages prepared...

Essential when only the very best is good enough for your dog. Treats from ESSENTIALS for dogs are different series of luxury treats that match the contents of Essentials meals. They are insanely delicious, yes maybe a little too much of the good stuff, but we can't help but have the best treats on the market for your dog.

All treats are air-dried or some other form of natural treatment and all are handmade in England, and all raw materials come from England. Which means that with these treats you get rid of "Chinese" products, but get the pure quality, so that your dog can enjoy his treats with a clear conscience - remember, however, that they are treats, but they go perfectly with dog food from Essential

Dog food from ESSENTIAL is something quite special.

It may sound unbelievable, so we have put some words into why it is something unique to serve ESSENTIALS. Our philosophy is that our meals should contribute to getting the most balanced behavior (BOF) and optimal health for your dog. Year after year. All dogs deserve it. In order to fulfill this ambitious goal, content and composition must be in a class of their own.

Essential dog food's mission and goals are steeped in their British origins. ESSENTIAL FOODS is British born and salutes the long established connection and quality of the English country style and the superior quality of the local produce.

90% of all ESSENTIALS' ingredients are of English, Scottish or Welsh origin - a standard they protect and which gives Essential dog food its high quality. Essential stands by their promise to continue to use the finest British ingredients and their dedication to enhancing the quality of life and longevity they serve exclusively with their Essential dog food; Dogs.

Their goal with Essential dog food has only one mission: to improve and extend the dog's life starts and ends with the choice and abundance of the ingredients used to make Essential dog food.

A little about the content & composition
ESSENTIALS meals are prepared with at least 74% of ingredients such as chicken, duck, salmon, trout, herring, lamb, venison & eggs.

To preserve juice, power & the maximum nutritional value of the at least 45% fresh ingredients, ESSENTIALS is prepared at just 90 degrees.

All ingredients are of the towering quality you can & should expect from ESSENTIALS.

What is your nose telling you?
When you smell ESSENTIALS for the first time, you'll take our word for it. Nothing has smelled so fresh, natural and appetizing before. It is the result of wanting to change the perception of what a meal for dogs is and should be.

ESSENTIAL FOODS meals keep your dog's blood sugar stable. It can cause big fluctuations both mentally and physically for dogs, just like for humans, if the blood sugar goes up and down. All our meals are composed to avoid these fluctuations; to create a new standard in feed. We have developed the principle BOF (Behavioural Optimizing Foods), which should be included in all dogs' nutrition.

Behavioral Optimizing Foods (BOF) is the principle that celebrates the many benefits of keeping blood sugar stable around the clock. We at ESSENTIAL FOODS have achieved this with our life-changing and test-winning meals that ensure the stability of blood sugar levels. Our high content of fresh protein sources and the low cooking temperature means exceptionally high nutritional value compared to other brands. The result achieved with BOF is quite unique. When ESSENTIALS is served, it will positively affect your dog's mental balance. Some see big changes and others just note a minor change. But an improvement is almost always observed.

The connection between behavior & nutrition
ESSENTIALS will have a positive effect (BOF) on most dogs. You can expect to experience a more calm & balanced dog before, during & after eating. We hear that inappropriate behavior has reduced or completely disappeared. Try to explore for yourself what ESSENTIALS can do for your dog.

Quality of life
The old mantra that you become what you eat also applies to dogs. When some choose to prepare BARF diet, the reason is that many ready-made diets do not utilize the dog's full health & behavioral potential. ESSENTIAL FOODS triggers this quality of life, without you having to deal with frozen/raw meat, bones & offal.

What is QSE?
ESSENTIALS is driven by 3 values, which permeate everything we do:

( Q ) Quality - Only the best is good enough. Period.
( S ) Service - A level of service that is the standard.
( E ) Enthusiasm – It is the joy that gives the energy.

Give us 30 days and a challenge
Our promise will be that we have made a difference.
If your dog is already in optimal balance, then our promise is still pleasing. We promise that dog & owner will be at least as satisfied by serving ESSENTIALS.

All the small things that are also big
• An experienced team behind ESSENTIAL FOODS.
• 8 different recipes & 2 different kibble sizes, so we can follow your dog throughout
life, & in all situations.
• Complete range of treats & treats.
• Unique program for animals in need throughout
• BRC Grade A certificate (best food safety).
• Certified dealers who can & will make a difference.
• Hotline 7199 9090 for free advice & guidance (9am-5pm).

Ingredients such as is used in dog food from Essential:

Known for its many health benefits. Part of our BERRY PACK.

Another one of the earth's little miracles, full of vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids & enzymes and, most importantly, important fibres.

Added for versatility in our meals. There are many positive things to say about apples, so it was a natural choice to include this fruit Essentials FRUIT PACK.

Rich in antioxidants. Is included in the Essentials BERRY PACK.

A good versatile vegetable we wouldn't want to do without, with its carotene content and many other beneficial nutrients and fiber. A part of Essentials GARDEN PACK

Chicken of the Ross & Cobb breeds, always from Great Britain to have the closest possible relationship.

Cranberries are believed to have significant health benefits. Research indicates that cranberries may have one or more preventive, therapeutic or otherwise beneficial effects on the following diseases and conditions: urinary tract infections, cardiovascular diseases & cancer. A part of Essentials BERRY PACK.

Contributes to the safe supply of allicin. A part of Essentials GARDEN PACK.

Our ducks are from GRESSINGHAM DUCK, which is also the name of the duck breed separately. The ducks walk freely outside. Read more from our supplier: Gressinghamduck

Source of protein. Important source of all essential amino acids and the nutrients lutein and choline (vitamin B).

Contains many antioxidants, and is known for its supposed health-promoting effects. A part of Essentials HERB PACK.

Added for its supposed health-promoting properties.

Often called nature's gift. Grown and harvested in England. Very rich in both omega 3 (ALA) and plant nutrients. In ESSENTIALS, all 3 sources of omega 3 are included: ALA, DHA & EPA.

Used by connoisseurs for its anti-inflammatory effect and effective against internal infections and candida fungus. High content of antioxidants. Part of the Essentials BERRY PACK.

Sun-dried mulberries. Rich in vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper and resveratrol. A part of Essentials BERRY PACK.

The best nutritional cereal in our opinion. Found only in ESSENTIAL FOODS SUPERIOR LIVING with 3.5%, but we are actually quite happy with this ingredient in small doses, but in order to certify as many of our meals as possible as "GRAIN FREE", it is not included to a large extent. Grown & harvested in England.

Rich in natural vitamin C. Part of our FRUIT PACK

Added for versatility in our meals. A part of Essentials FRUIT PACK.

Our peas are grown and harvested in Great Britain, are of the ENGLISH PEAS variety, and are included in Essentials GARDEN PACK.

Potatoes of the Russet variety. Effective and tasty source of carbohydrates, of which there are not so many in ESSENTIAL FOODS meals. Grown & harvested in England.

The word probiotics comes from Greek and means "for life". The designation covers a number of microorganisms, IN ESSENTIALS it is; Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) & Lucerne sprouts, which are attributed health-promoting properties because their presence can have a beneficial effect on the microbial flora of the gastrointestinal tract.

We use rosemary to preserve our meals, so that the shelf life of the meal is extended as naturally and gently as possible.

Our meals have a shelf life, if stored correctly, of 12 months from the day of preparation.

Farmed Scottish Atlantic salmon, exceptional source of omega 3 (DHA & EPA). In ESSENTIALS, all 3 sources of omega 3 are included: ALA, DHA & EPA.

Part of our HERB PACK. Handpicked on the Icelandic coast. Enjoyed in Asian countries for its amazing health properties.

Rich in folate, iron and carotenoid and lutein. 
Is added for wide versatility in our meals. A part of Essentials GARDEN PACK.

Root fruit of the varieties Beauregard & Jewel. High protein content makes this vegetable the obvious choice in all our meals, as an integral part of our BOF principle.

Is added for wide versatility in our meals. Contains important antioxidants such as lycopene and phenolic acids, beta-carotene, vitamin C and potassium. The tomato is a fruit that not many people know, and therefore a part of Essentials FRUIT PACK.

Rainbow trout caught in the River Avon around Salisbury, England.