Animals in the garden

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Complete feed for all garden pond fish

39,95 DKK – 314,95 DKK
1 Liter, 4 liters, 10 liters, 15 liters

Peanuts, shelled

59,95 DKK – 169,95 DKK

At Osmedkæ you will find a large selection of feed, feed containers, vitamin powder, etc. for the animals who choose to pay an unannounced but pleasant visit. It can, for example, be teat balls, wild bird seed and birdhouses or hedgehog food and squirrel food.

Especially in the cold weather, it can be difficult for the garden's wild animals to find enough food, and therefore it is a good idea to help them a little on their way if you enjoy their company.

We have everything for animals in the garden.