Today's Christmas calendar offer 2016

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23 December - TODAY ONLY - Dyrenes Foderboxen Christmas calendar

The Pulse Food bowl DKK 333,- before 399,- can be varied in stimuli and level of difficulty.

Today, the day before Christmas Eve, we have an interactive hunting game for dogs on offer! The dog has to find its own food, Pulse stimulates its instincts, the ability to search and develops mental and physical health in the dog; and then of course there is the reward of feed.

Can be set to feed 6 times within 1-10 hours. Can also be set in sound, so that it should, for example, only go after the flashing light.

Up to 10 machines can be set up to communicate together, which means that stimuli and degree of difficulty can be varied.

When a dog uses its instincts / nose, it is basically the same as walking 8km with it, so you will experience a much more mentally strong and happy dog, which goes to bed tired, which is what we all want for our dogs :)

Weeeee - it's Christmas tomorrow