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biOrb Barnacle Cluster

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biOrb Pink Reef

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biOrb is a piece of beautiful nature in your living room - an aquarium created by technology which means you don't need to be an expert to enjoy and have a beautiful biOrb aquarium.

The biOrb adventure began in 1999 - with biOrb WATER. An aquarium that should be as beautiful as nature itself and easy to maintain. This means that with biOrb you get an aquarium that not only looks good, but is also easy to maintain.


Sit down and enjoy a biOrb aquarium

Yes, with a biOrb aquarium, technology and thoughtfulness have kept maintenance to a minimum. Which means that with a biOrb aquarium you don't have to spend the weekends keeping it nice, but can spend the time enjoying it.

biOrb is the perfect beginner aquarium

Yes, biOrb is perfect for beginners and for those who have always had an aquarium - it goes for everyone, however, there is no talk of a 350L aquarium, so the biggest difference is which fish you can keep in your biOrb. We recommend that you go for small and smaller fish, catfish etc. and limit yourself in number.

But that won't stop you from having a nice aquarium that you, your family and friends will be impressed by. Since an aquarium from biOrb in its form, light and content is built to be part of every home and appear beautiful.

BiOrb comes with everything included

With a starter kit from biOrb, everything you need to start up will be included, that means light, filter is included from the start and you only have to choose which plants and other decorations should be in it.

Built-in LED lighting, a pump, filter

All essential equipment is built in and will therefore be designed not to be seen or heard. biOrb has an LED model which "only" has white light and sometimes moonlight. With their MCR model, you will be able to switch between all the colors of the rainbow (16 colors). So will make fish and aquarium look so beautiful and decorate any living room / room.

Choose the design that suits you and change when you feel like it

One of the great advantages of biOrb is the many decorating options that biOrb with their unique design and lifelike ornaments and decorations give you the opportunity.

You choose whether it should look like a piece of the coral sea or the Amazon river, or whether your biOrb aquarium should be decorated for Christmas.

Who is the creator behind biOrb?

Everything is created by Samuel Baker, who is inspired by nature itself. Samuel Baker is the English artist who creates the many underwater sculptures for biOrb with a wonderful eye for detail.

Samuel's designs are inspired by the natural elements and the interaction between natural colours, textures and shapes. The result of this work comes to life and can be experienced in one's biOrb aquarium.

Samuel Baker has been fascinated by nature and animals since childhood. "For me, decoration is the most important thing in the creation of an aquarium. Without any decoration, an aquarium is just a glass box containing water, and so, like fish, it is the overall effect that is essential to bring the aquarium to life."

Watch this short film about Samuel Baker's work, which gives a good picture of his work:

With biOrb's new MCR light you have 16 beautiful colours

biOrb's new light is called MCR and gives you the option of 16 different colors, which will give your biorb a new look for each color.

biorb's many colors

So start designing your very own biOrb according to your wishes, all you have to do is sit down and enjoy your new biOrb.

A new way to enjoy an aquarium that is stylish and beautifully designed.

You can also be inspired by this video with several different biOrb designs

The different models from biOrb:

Biorb CLASSIC is available in 15L / 30L / 60L / 105L
Biorb CUBE is available in 30L / 60L
Biorb FLOW is available in 15L / 30L
Biorb HALO is available in 15L / 30L / 60L
Biorb LIFE is available in 15L / 30L / 45L / 60L
Biorb TUBE is available in 15L / 30L / 35L

See and buy them here: Biorb models

Remember there is a furrow on the LED model and MCR model member. The MCR model is the one that can switch between 16 colours.