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Garlic drops for animals - good against fleas, tick shedding and good for the skin etc

209,00 DKK – 499,00 DKK
Garlic drops for animals - good against fleas, tick shedding and good for the skin etc A pure natural product that should be given every day! Pet-Gourmet's Garlic Drops should...
10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml

Trimmex, nail blood stop powder

124,95 DKK
When you cut the nails of your dog, cat, rabbit, bird, etc. and the nails are black, you can easily cut too far in and it will bleed. That is...

Wooden ladder for birds

9,95 DKK – 24,94 DKK
Wooden ladder for birds and other small animals. Available in different lengths. The ladder can be used to get from, for example, a table to a cage or to create...

Parrot food, ProVita

59,95 DKK54,95 DKK
This veterinary developed bird food contains all the food components the parrots find in the African plains, and is therefore nutritionally perfectly matched to the small African parrot. Valuable probiotic...

Bird litter with aniseed 5kg

69,95 DKK – 199,95 DKK
Prestige sand from Versele-Laga White shell sand with oyster shells White shell sand with aniseed. sterilized at high temperature Contains 50% oyster shells. small shells and minerals Refreshing scent. does...

Parakeet coarse without sunflower (50% canary seed)

74,95 DKK – 465,00 DKK
Parakeet coarse without sunflower For all those who use sunflower seeds as treats, this feed mix is fantastic, as there are no sunflower seeds in their feed, it will be...
2 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg

Sunflower seeds without shell, shelled 3.5kg

54,95 DKK – 129,95 DKK
Sunflower without shell Then the shells don't lie and rot on the ground :) FEED RAW MATERIAL Pure seeds can be advantageously used as they are or mixed into own...

Mirror with wooden frame and bell

29,95 DKK19,95 DKK
Mirror with wooden frame and bell for your birdcage 9 x 10 cm With small bell at the bottom

Bird rope, spiral with rope, toy and bell

109,95 DKK94,95 DKK
Fantastic activity for your bird(s) because not only that, there is a Bird Rope (cotton), shaped like a spiral with rope, and there are toys and a bell, and it's...

Canary food from vitakraft

64,95 DKK59,95 DKK
VITA LIFE ® SPECIAL 800 g Super-Premium main feed which is specially tailored to the bird's individual needs. Extra added pieces of banana chips and canary seeds just like from...

Bird toys

59,95 DKK49,95 DKK
Here you get a fun activation wooden toy for your bird. The material is made from 100% natural materials. Your bird can have a lot of time to nibble on...

Seed sticks for Nymphs & Parrots, 2-pack (fruit) from Puur

59,95 DKK49,95 DKK
PUUR Pauze Seed Sticks Large parakeet & cockatoo Seed tongs from Puur, Witte mollen, pure gourmet gnave s tongs ! Gourmet seed sticks pure gourmet seed sticks // richly coated...

Wooden toy with rope 35cm

134,95 DKK129,95 DKK
Wooden toy, 35 cm with chain and rope

Bird crackers with fruit, from JR Farm 150g

44,95 DKK39,95 DKK
JR PROTEIN-BIRDYS FRUIT GRASS HOPPERS 150GR Birdys is of high quality from natural ingredients, invites all caged birds to celebrate healthy. Based on a fruity sponge cake with layers of...

Birdcage, early 50s - nice square cage

769,95 DKK699,00 DKK
A nice small cage for small birds, it is not very big, but would be good as a transport cage, for example. Primo 50 birdcage, navy 65x38x56.5 cm
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