Aquarium pumps, filters and heaters

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BIOCARB CARBON SPONGE, bioflow 8.0, Juwel

149,95 DKK134,95 DKK
BIOCARB CARBON SPONGE JUWEL charcoal sponges absorb odors and turbidity and toxic compounds in your aquarium and ensure crystal clear water. Activated carbon as a filter medium ensures a uniform...

Biorb Service Kit - 2 filters set with cleaning items

359,95 DKK299,00 DKK
Biorb service set, 2 sets of filters with water optimizer. This set contains complete service set: 2 filter cartridges 6 cleaning cloths 100ml biorb glass polish 1 cloth, especially for...

EHEIM Aquarium internal filter

249,95 DKK – 419,95 DKK
The EHEIM PickUp internal filter helps to clean the aquarium and keeps dirt and debris away. The filter is attached to the aquarium with suction cups and the pump stays...

EHEIM compact pump

199,95 DKK – 849,95 DKK
Eheim CompactON The compact aquarium pump for use under water These small units can be easily hidden inside the aquarium and attached to the glass of the aquarium with the...

Filter cartridge for Eheim pumps

59,95 DKK – 119,95 DKK
Filter sponge with round hole in the middle. Fits Eheim PickUp internal filter
type 2006 / 45 ltr, type 2008 / 60 ltr, type 2010 / 160 ltr, type 2012 / 200 ltr

AM TOP air pump

79,95 DKK
AM TOP air pump - high-tech - reliable quality - high performance - safe and quiet - single air outlet
CR-10 - 72 l/h

Air pump for aquariums, up to 200L, Quiet

479,95 DKK299,00 DKK
aPump Maxi - Silent air pump with 2 outputs For aquariums up to 200 litres. It is the world's smallest and most silent air pump. aPUMP's high air pressure makes...

Heater for aquariums, marina, 50-300 Watt

214,95 DKK – 309,95 DKK
Marina heaters provide reliable heating for freshwater or saltwater aquariums up to 300 liter aquariums. The heater includes many practical features for ease of use, safety and convenience, including an...
25Watt / Mini 15cm (20L), 50Watt / Mini 15cm (38L), 50Watt / 22cm (50L), 100Watt / 22cm (100L), 150Watt / 27 cm (150L), 200Watt / 27cm (200L), 300Watt / 27cm (300L)