Aquarium and garden pond

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Aquarium net, black, coarse mesh, Marina

19,95 DKK – 24,95 DKK
10 cm, 12 cm

At Us with pets you will find a huge selection of products for aquariums and garden ponds. The price is rock bottom, and you can always find just what you need, whether you're looking for aquariums, fish feed, aquarium plants, lighting or accessories for the garden pond. All our products are carefully selected and are naturally of high quality, so you can be sure that your fish always get the best - regardless of whether they live inside or outside.

Fish need good hiding and breeding places to thrive, and they should also be given feed that corresponds to the season (for fish in a garden pond) and type. In addition, the pump and filters must be in working order so that the water is clean and oxygenated.

Decoration of the aquarium

When you have to set up an aquarium, you have to make some considerations in order for your fish to thrive. Among other things, you must ensure that there is enough light, that there are enough hiding places and that the water is filtered.

Light in the aquarium

A bright aquarium is preferable, as aquarium plants will thrive better the brighter it is. And that the aquarium plants are thriving means that the fish's environment is in order. Be sure to choose a lamp with sufficient wattage in relation to the size of the aquarium and the amount of water - and preferably place the aquarium in a bright room so that there is also the possibility of natural daylight.

Hiding places in the aquarium

In order for the fish's environment to be as natural as possible, there should be lots of hiding places in the form of plants, shells, stones, hollow trunks and possibly other creative alternatives. Fish have different preferences, so please provide hiding places in different sizes and designs.

Filtration of water

Stagnant water fills with bacteria and harmful particles, so water should always be in motion. This happens in nature via plants and wind, but you need a little help along the way in an aquarium, which is why you should buy a good pump with a filter. Make sure to choose a pump that fits the size of the aquarium.

You need that for the garden pond

Many of the same things apply to a garden pond as to an aquarium. However, there are greater requirements for cleaning due to fallout, and the fish's feed must also be replaced with the season, as the water temperature changes, and the need for nutrition comes with it.

Hiding places in the garden pond

When you build a garden pond, hiding places must be planned for the fish. It should be natural in the form of lots of plants and hollow stones. In the spring, any rotten plants should be cleaned out and replaced with new ones if necessary.

Purification of water

The water in the garden pond quickly becomes dirtier than in an aquarium, which is due to fallout and bacteria. It is therefore recommended to use a good pump with a filter - it also facilitates the spring cleaning of the garden pond. Feel free to supplement with an ice-free set for winter, so that the garden pond is not covered by a thick layer of ice.

Fish feed for the garden pond

Your fish will go into hibernation in the winter and will basically not eat here. In the spring, they therefore need an extra shot of energy, and it is therefore important that you buy special "spring feed", which gives the fish's immune system the strength they need to get going again after the winter hibernation. When summer approaches, you switch back to regular feed, which the fish get for the rest of the season.