Activity games for rodents

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Activity toys for birds and rodents, snack drawers

99,95 DKK
The bird/rodent must pull the sisal strings to get the treat. Large air holes help find snacks. Gives the rodent/bird mental stimulation. Trains skills. Made of wood. Incl. guidance with...

Rodent activity blanket, sniffing blanket

129,95 DKK
Activation toy for rabbit, the rabbit has to sniff to get its treats. Snuse rug 27x20 cm, Grey/Green

Rabbit activity play roller, spinning

89,95 DKK74,95 DKK
SNACK ROLL WITH HOLDER Put food in the container and rabbits will have fun getting their meal out of it. through turning movements, snacks are released train the skills animal-friendly...

Snack Board for Rabbit, plastic Ø 20 cm

99,95 DKK
Akrivering's play toy for rabbit, the rabbit has to solve a task to get its treats. Tray with 7 lids: the rabbit has to lift the lids to get the...

Running disc for hamsters and mice

139,95 DKK
Running Disc for hamsters and mice Moves easily and quietly using ball bearings protects the spine by means of a flat running surface Material: wood Size: ø 20 cm

Snack Board for Rabbit, plastic Ø 20 cm

69,95 DKK
Akrivering's play toy for rabbit, the rabbit has to solve a task to get its treats. Tray with 7 lids: the rabbit has to lift the lids to get the...

Snack Roll for rabbit, ø 6/5 x 14cm

44,95 DKK39,95 DKK
Activation toy for rabbit, must work to get food/treats out. ø 6/5 x 14cm

Snackball, activity ball for your rabbit

39,95 DKK
Put food in the ball and rabbits will have fun getting their meal out of the ball. You can make the level of difficulty easier and harder depending on how...

Snack ball for rabbits and small rodents

34,95 DKK
Snack ball for rabbits and other rodents Dimensions: Ø 7 cm Asst. colors - plastic - treats fall out when the ball rolls - train the skills - with adjustable...

At Us with pets you will find a large selection of activity games and toys for rodents. Whether you have a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or any other rodent, it needs activation and stimulation – especially if it is alone in its cage for many hours at a time.

On this page you will find e.g. food balls, snack boards and snack rolls, which you can fill yourself with food or your rodent's favorite snack. You can also buy ready-made activation incl. feed under Rodent Snacks .

Why does my rodent need to be activated?

All rodents – and in general all animals – need activation and stimulation. If they do not get enough of it, they will quite naturally become understimulated, and this will typically lead to unwanted behavior such as an animal that starts to bite, an animal that gnaws manically at the bars, or attempts to escape.

Especially with animals that spend many hours a day in their cage and animals that are alone, there will be a great need for activation. Here you should buy several different types of activation games and snacks so that you can alternate between what your rodent is offered.

A happy and harmonious animal is typically a well-stimulated animal that gets its needs met. You should keep your rodent out of the cage as much as possible so that it has the opportunity to explore and investigate new surroundings. It is also stimulated by being offered snacks that are challenging to find and eat. It can be in activation games and toys, in the form of feeding tunnels with fillings or fresh vegetables, which it has to figure out to eat on its own.

Lock your rodent out in the garden

You can stimulate your rodent by offering activation and by being social with it. You can also (in some cases) offer the company of a fellow species, and then you can simply let it out in the garden, where your pet will have the best and most natural opportunities to be activated and stimulated. Here it can run, jump and jump, and it can dig and sniff and taste its way.

You should ensure that the garden is properly fenced - also downwards, so that your rodent cannot dig out and so that unauthorized guests cannot enter the garden. If your rodent is not used to being outside, you must also be aware of temperatures and keep an eye on it. If necessary, choose a run, especially for smaller rodents, so they don't disappear in the garden.