Active Cats Scratching Environment

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Scratch wall board, Danish durable quality

149,90 DKK – 179,95 DKK
small - 12 x 60 cm, wide - 17 x 60 cm

Scratching board for cats from Active Cats Natur scratching in nature

595,00 DKK
Luxury version: Height: 80cm Base: ø50cm Column ø13cm

Active Cats is a Danish company with 25 years of experience that develops high-quality scratching environments.

Build your own system in any direction on the wall or on the floor, it's all up to you, your home and your cat's needs.

All covers on shelves and caves are washable and you don't have to take it all apart.

Floor-to-ceiling systems include pressure distributors with non-slip rubber and the base is non-slip rubber for stability. The Lofts spindle is made from a 1.6 cm thick threaded rod, a feature that makes the systems among the strongest.

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