How should you care for your dog's/cat's teeth? And why you should always do it

Hvordan skal man pleje hundens/kattens tænder? Og hvorfor man altid skal gøre det

A dog needs dental care exactly like us humans.
The dog's teeth, like ours, will become coated with tartar. Do not think that it is enough to give the dog a teeth cleaning stick every now and then. Tartar forms close to the gums. Bacteria attack the tooth and gums, and can result in a serious infection which means that the tooth must be operated on. In the worst case, the infection can have a devastating effect on the lungs, kidneys, liver and heart.

It is therefore important to brush the dog's teeth, preferably once a day. You should start while it is a puppy, so that you get the dog used to messing with its mouth and teeth.

An ordinary toothbrush can be used if it is not too big for the dog's mouth. There are also toothbrushes designed specifically for dogs… e.g. a brush that you can attach to your finger, or a double-sided brush that brushes both sides of the tooth at the same time.

Toothpaste can be used, but it must be special toothpaste produced especially for dogs.

Do NOT use ordinary toothpaste intended for humans, as the dog may get an upset stomach.

There are also feed and nutritional supplements that reduce the formation of tartar.

Yours sincerely
Katja N. Masters | Osmedkæ