Lickimat is developed to prevent boredom in your cat or dog (Video)

LickiMat the food bowl of the future for dogs and cats

Lickimat has been developed to prevent boredom in your cat or dog. Spread the animal's favorite food on the mat so that they can check each mouthful with their tongue. The relaxation is calming for the animal and it increases the sense of taste by allowing the animal to enjoy a small amount of food.

The mat prevents overeating because the food lasts longer, it makes the animal eat more slowly and promotes healthy breathing by scraping bacteria and food from the tongue. Saliva production is stimulated and helps to clean the teeth, gums and tongue.

Made from non-toxic food grade TPR. Can be frozen, hand washed.

The LickiMat series can be used as a food bowl for most dogs and all cats.

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Advantages of LickMat for dogs and cats

Reduced anxiety and boredom:

Using the LickiMat soothes your pet as they enjoy their favorite chat. LickiMat is designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm behavior in your pet by encouraging licking action and stimulating your pet's tongue. The extended licking action promoted by LickiMat releases a calming hormone in both dogs and cats.

Training help:

LickiMat is increasingly used by dog ​​trainers worldwide for training dogs. LickiMats are used for all types of dog training and are particularly good at reducing anxiety in dogs. Ask your dog trainer about LickiMats.

Improved oral health:

LickiMat works by stimulating your pet's tongue - increasing salvia production, which further cleans the tongue, teeth and gums. Tongue scraping freshens your pet's breath. Increased saliva production can also aid digestion as it contains enzymes such as amylase.

Recommended for both DOGS & CATS:

LickiMat treats are perfect for both dogs and cats. The different surfaces of Buddy ™, Playdate ™ and Wobbly ™ work differently with different treats and food. Try them all to find out which surfaces work best for your pets! The Tuff™ models are designed to be dishwasher safe and recommended for pets with inappropriate chewing tendencies.

Healthy treats:

LickiMat also allows you to experiment and discover your pet's favorite treats. Wet food, yogurt, smashed sardines, pumpkin puree, crushed crackers or whatever you can think of! Enjoy the journey of discovering your pet's favorite healthy treats. Every pet is unique and appreciates your interest in discovering their preferences.

Fewer treats, longer enjoyment:

The LickiMat makes it possible to spread a smaller amount of treats and enjoy it over a much longer period of time. This reduces calorie intake from treats and food. You can even freeze most treats for a longer and more enjoyable licking experience.

Grooming, bathing and veterinary care:

LickiMat is used in many places around the world by pet sitters and veterinarians to keep pets busy and distracted while they examine the animal. All LickiMat models can be used and Splash ™ has a suction cup for wall mounting.

Slow Feeder:

LickiMat can be used to promote slower feeding in your dog or cat for both wet and dry food. Dry food falls naturally into the space in Buddy ™ and Playdate ™, while wet food can be pressed in using a spoon or spatula. Very large dog breeds may need more than 1 LickiMat if you want to use LickiMats as feeders.

Helps against anxiety:

LickiMat can be used to promote calm behavior in your pet while you are home alone or during stressful times such as storms and fireworks. Note that LickiMat is not a substitute for medication for some pets.

As a food bowl for cats:

LickiMat provides a more natural approach for a cat to eat and prevents cat's whiskers from going on the edge of the food bowl. Something that many cats don't like very much. Almost every cat given the choice between a LickiMat and a food bowl side by side therefore chooses the LickiMat.

Great Value:

The LickiMat is priced to be extremely economical. It is durable and made to last for a long time.

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