Overgrown and other problems with teeth in rabbits

Forvoksede og andre problemer med tænder hos kanin

One of the most important things for a rabbit is its teeth and a rabbit's teeth continue to grow throughout its life, therefore it is also incredibly important to ensure that it wears out both molars and incisors at the same pace as they grow.

This should be done via the rabbit's food and things it can gnaw on, such as:

Hay, which is one of the best things for a rabbit to wear its teeth on, therefore always remember to give your rabbit access to hay

Wood, this can be fresh branches and wooden houses and caves made for rabbits , you can buy these from your local pet dealer or here at Uswithpets.dk

Food, give your rabbit a good rodent food , which helps to sharpen your rabbit's teeth, rabbit pellets are good, there are also several varieties that have more hay and grass in them, and therefore their teeth wear down much more.

If you don't ensure your rabbit wears its teeth enough, it can happen that your rabbit is just as unlucky as "Mare" was. Hoppe is a cute male rabbit who lives in Videbæk, he came down to us because his teeth had grown so long that he couldn't actually eat with his front teeth. We solved this by grinding his teeth down, which is done without anesthesia, and since a rabbit's teeth are like our nails, it can't feel it.

But this is not always enough, sometimes it can happen that a rabbit's teeth grow crooked - and then more is needed. Sometimes we have to pull them out, other times euthanasia is the best choice for your rabbit.

If we have to pull teeth on a rabbit, this is done under full anesthesia and an X-ray is taken of its teeth, after which we grind them down so that we can better pull them out.

So you are probably thinking "but how does it eat?" yes, a rabbit without front teeth needs a little help, the owner therefore has to grate carrots and other things for it, but it will be able to eat a good rabbit mixture with its molars.

What you should pay attention to: It is usually very easy to keep an eye on your rabbit's front teeth, it is about whether they should not be too long, they should be close together, have an overbite and then the front teeth should slope obliquely at the back (as in the picture) as the lower teeth wear behind the incisors when they chew and thereby keep the teeth in the right length. If you are in doubt as to whether the teeth are too long, you should see a vet. It's not that easy with a rabbit's molars, you can't see them and therefore you have to look for other things that it doesn't eat, or only eats all the soft things, and if this happens, you should call your vet.

Lisa Michelsen
Veterinarian at Dyrlægehuset Videbæk

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