Guide to starting an aquarium

Opstart af akvarium med fisk

Aquarium starter kit
Which will normally contain light, filter and heater

One's bottom layer is very important as this acts as a filter in one's aquarium, so there is no reason to skimp here. You need approx. have 5 cm ground cover, which is approx. 15 liters of stone. This bottom layer will give you a really good filter and give you plenty of room to plant plants, which will then be easier to keep.

Water treatment agent
Is not only important at aquarium start, but also at ALL water changes, as it removes chlorine and metals from the water, so it becomes good "fish water". Here you can use, for example, the brand Tetra, when starting the aquarium you must use AquaStart and for regular water changes you must use AquaSafe. You have to be careful not to pour it in when the water is ice cold, as the good bacteria in the bottles will then "die". Therefore, it is good to add the water care agent the day after you have put water in the aquarium, alternatively you can mix the water with a small amount of warm water.

Are they the ones that make your filter able to keep NO2 down and other things you don't want in your aquarium, as they are the ones that kill your fish and plants. It is also important that you remember to use activated charcoal after you have used medicine, so that you get all the medicine residues out. Mine. 5-7 plants plants provide oxygen and help keep the bacteria you don't want down and more fish eat them. And the latter is the reason why you should not only have 2-3 plants, as you will probably find that you cannot keep them. The reason is one's fish eat them faster than they can grow.

Number of fish, yes, that is the big question , but approx. 1 cm grown fish per liter you can have more if the water is changed once a week. So to 54 liters approx. 10 neon fish and 2-3 slightly larger ones. There will also be room for 1-2 models here. Sludge suction This is the key to cleaning, as you ALWAYS have to take water through the gravel from the bottom when changing the water, as this is where everything you don't want will be and the clean water will be at the top. Fertilizer (pills and liquid) is important so that your plants can grow big and can "eat" all the bacteria you don't want.

We recommend that you have both fertilizer in the form of pellets and liquid at the start. So everyone can get a good start, but otherwise plant density is good for most fish. Fish feed (pills, complete feed, frost/jelly) Often people only have one type of fish feed and that cannot be recommended, it is super important to have several types of feed so that everyone gets their needs covered and everyone gets a varied diet.

We recommend that you always have pills, complete food and frost or jelly. Decorations (hiding places) decorations are not just for fun or to look nice. But an important part for the welfare of your fish and catfish, so remember to buy "decorations" that your fish and catfish will benefit from. A tree root or a moth hole is always a good solution. Test kit The water quality is very, very important for your fish and plants and therefore it is very important that you have a test kit. They are easy to use and quickly give a picture of whether everything is ok or where it is not ok. And they are very easy to use, take 5-10 seconds and you have an answer.

You should make it a goal to test at every water change and keep a small logbook of these tests, so you can go back, etc. Stiks can be used, but we recommend a real test kit. AquaStart (bacterial liquid, poured through a filter, so the sponge gets the good bacteria immediately.

The filter sponge must not be washed under cold water as the bacteria die from the cold shock). Once this has been added, you must wait AT LEAST one week before quietly starting to put fish in. -stones (wash until the water is clear, a few stones at a time, as this makes it more manageable). -plants (we recommend min. 5-8 plants per 60 litres) -catfish hole -larger decorations -possible feed -possible sludge suction - makes changing water much easier!! - possibly a magnet (magfloat) to facilitate cleaning the aquarium more easily, it is a magnet which is divided into 2, one on the inside, i.e. in the water and the other is outside.

When you drive this back and forth, it removes algae growth on the glass. -scraper with a razor blade in it you can't live without -and last but not least a fishing net :) Remember: The water must be changed once a week at the beginning and here bacteria are added with each water change.

Hope you feel you have become a little more equipped to get started, otherwise there is definitely a nice employee in one of's stores from whom you can get personal advice :)

Yours sincerely
Jacob N-Masters - Osmedkæ

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