Allergy dog also known as atopic dermatitis

Allergi hund også kendt som atopisk dermatitis
Just like people, pets can get allergies or atopic dermatitis. Dogs, cats and other pets can become allergic to pollen and house dust, and can react like humans with itching and other discomfort.

What can you do for your allergic dog?
First of all, of course, you should consult your veterinarian. The vet can help find out exactly what your dog is allergic to. Then there are medicines in the form of injections, pills and creams that can help. Make sure the dog has plenty of clean water. Be sure to follow the veterinarian's instructions carefully. Keep a close eye on the dog for signs of a return of the allergy.

When it comes to allergies in dogs or cats, you can often remedy a lot by giving your dog or cat a quality food that is made to prevent allergies.

We recommend Hill's Science Plan ourselves ™ , Hill's Prescription Diet ™ & Royal Canin . Like all brands that have been tested and from manufacturers where you know it is always the same standard that is in the bag of dog food. Finally, it is important to always remember not only if you have an allergic dog or cat,

Here is a list of those we can recommend that people with a dog or cat suffering from allergies should follow

Top list of allergy food for dogs:

1. Hills Science Plan Sensitive Skin.
If you have an allergic dog that suffers from skin allergies, we would definitely recommend Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Skin, which is very likely to help your dog with your skin allergy. Hill's Science Plan Sensitive Skin contains a lot of ingredients that help your allergic dog avoid dry, scaly and itchy skin. Ingredients include clinically proven antioxidants and omega-3 and omega-6 oils.

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