Treats for dog training

Osmedkæ has a large range of equipment for dog training. Not least, we have lots of treats that can be used for dog training or a cozy time: Bones, chew sticks, dried meat, pig ears etc. Both when it comes to the fixed meals and the treats, we work with the leading suppliers on the market, so that digestion and pleasure goes up into a higher unity. In addition to the classic meat bones and "police batons" for dog training, we carry treats with a high meat content, teeth-cleaning bars and dog chocolate that make the mouth water. For dog training, we have treats that are adapted to the dog's unique needs. If, for example, your dog needs his teeth cleaned or to lose weight, we have special treats for those purposes.

Always 100s of treats at Osmedkæ , find them here

Toys for dog training

Osmedkæ has lots of toys with built-in treats, which extends both playtime and meals for the benefit of digestion. We have, among other things, balls with a hole in them, so you can put a treat in, after which the little dog can have fun getting it out. Food dispensing toys are ideal for dog training if the dog is overweight or tends to eat too quickly. Dog training with toys and treats provides plenty of mental and physical stimulation. The toy helps to entertain the dog, both when he is alone at home and when the whole family is together. We have a wide selection of toys for dog training in the form of fetch and tug of war.

We also have toys that can stimulate the teeth. Rubber toys are optimal for puppies because they speed up the eruption of the new teeth without harming them. At the same time, rubber toys promote healthy chewing habits in dogs. Adult dogs need toys that are harder to stimulate their strong teeth and jaws.

Find toys for dogs here

When the dog has to learn to walk

When dogs must be led on a leash, collars or harnesses are traditionally used. For dog training you have, among other things, used choke collar, which tightens around the dog's neck when it pulls. These days harnesses are increasingly used rather than collars for dog training. The harness distributes the pressure over the dog's shoulders, whereby dogs who pull a lot on the leash can avoid serious neck and back problems. We always recommend H-harnesses for puppies that have not yet learned to walk properly on a leash.

Find collars and harnesses here

If you need advice on equipment for dog training, you are very welcome to contact us at kundeservice@ Osmedkæ or on telephone 53532929.

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