Frequently asked questions about dog food and cat food

Why should I pay attention to what food I give my dog ​​or cat?
Several studies have shown that there is a connection between nutrition and health - both in animals and humans. And the choice of food for your dog or cat has a direct impact on its health and well-being.

Aren't all pet foods the same?
No, it actually isn't. Even if dogs or cats eat a certain kind of food, it does not necessarily mean that they benefit from the food. Various factors can affect the quality of the feed, e.g. the freshness of the ingredients, the composition of nutrients as well as production and packaging methods. Also, different dogs and cats have different nutritional needs. A growing kitten, for example, has completely different needs than an older cat. And large breed dogs need a different composition of nutrients than medium or small breeds. This is precisely why it is important to use a high-quality feed such as Hill's, which is specially formulated to take into account your dog or cat's age, lifestyle, size and any special needs. Unlike many other food brands, Hill's products are always formulated in exactly the same way, so you can be sure that your dog or cat always gets exactly the same amount of nutrients - every single time you feed it.

What is a "complete" feed and why should I use it?
The advantage of giving a complete feed like Hill's is that you can be sure that your dog or cat is getting a properly balanced nutrition that will keep it healthy and strong. Most of Hill's products also contain a Superior Antioxidant Formula, which helps to strengthen the immune system and protect against disease and signs of aging. In addition, you can be sure that all types of feed in Hill's range are specially formulated. For example, Hill's Science Plan Large Breed contains just the right amount of calcium and energy, and is supplemented with L-carnitine, all of which help to keep muscles, bones and joints healthy in large breed dogs. Too much nutrient intake can be just as harmful as too little nutrient intake. Feeding a dog or cat food with the wrong nutritional balance can either cause or worsen a wide range of health problems. That's why Hill's has a perfect composition of 50 nutrients and contains no excess salt.

Why is Hill's good for my dog ​​or cat?
Hill's uses carefully selected ingredients to provide your dog or cat with an ideal nutritional profile. Among other things, high-quality protein is used, which keeps the muscles healthy, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which promote healthy skin and coat, optimal content of calcium, which strengthens teeth and bones, as well as easily digestible carbohydrates and fats to give energy. Hill's Superior Antioxidant Formula with increased content of vitamin E supports the immune system and fights cell damage caused by free radicals.

Why is it important that the feed is fresh?
Dogs and cats have a much better sense of taste and smell than humans. Therefore, they immediately notice if the food is not fresh. This can result in reduced appetite and thus poorer utilization of the nutrient content. Hill's has strict ingredient specifications, and to optimize freshness, many of the ingredients are used in production a few hours after delivery. The packaging is of high quality, which also helps to keep the feed fresh.

How do I know the feed is safe?
It is understandable that you are concerned about whether the food you give your dog or cat is now also safe. But you can trust Hill's. All ingredients in our products are of the highest quality and come from certified suppliers. At the same time, our quality control and storage and handling procedures are of the highest standard.

Is it expensive to feed Hill's?
Hill's is nutritious and highly digestible. This means that the energy density is so high that a bag of Hill's goes further than most people think. When comparing prices with other types of food, you should therefore compare the prices for feeding the dog or cat for one day - instead of comparing the sale prices on the bags.

Why should I trust Hill's?
Hill's has over 60 years of experience with optimal nutrition for dogs and cats. The Global Hill's Pet Nutrition Center employs veterinarians, nutritionists and many other experts who are committed to applying the best technology to nutrition for dogs and cats. Their commitment helps dog and cat owners all over the world enjoy the very special relationship they have with their dog or cat for as long as possible.

Will my dog ​​or cat like Hill's food?
At Hill's, we know how important it is that dogs and cats like their food so that they meet their nutritional needs and stay healthy and fit. We conduct thousands of individual taste tests each year to ensure that dogs and cats love Hill's. We are actually so sure that your dog or cat will love Hill's good taste that we give a 100% taste guarantee - i.e. full satisfaction or your money back. If you haven't tried Hill's before, do it now - it's never too late to give your dog or cat the best.

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