Take care of your dog in the summer heat

Dogs can get sunburned just like people. Especially dogs with very light fur, short fur and newly brushed dogs are at risk. The muzzle and ears are particularly exposed. Keep the dog inside when the sun is at its hottest. Butter if necessary. high factor sunscreen on the dog's ears to protect against sunburn.

All types of dogs are at risk of sunstroke in hot weather, but the very young, the elderly and the short-nosed breeds are most at risk. It causes shortness of breath, and in the worst case can result in collapse. It requires an urgent visit to the vet. To avoid this, the dog must have access to plenty of fresh water and shade. Avoid exercising your dog when it is hottest. Keep an eye on the dog's food intake. Warm temperatures make the dog inactive, and so it does not need as much food. If it gets wet food, it would be a good idea to switch to dry food, as the wet food will otherwise attract flies in the warm weather. A really good way to give the dog exercise and at the same time cool it down is water. Swimming pools, lakes and beaches are perfect places for a dog on a hot summer day. If it swims in chlorinated water, however, it is important to rinse the chlorine out of the fur. Always make sure you have plenty of water with you on a trip.

Osmedkæledyr.dk has water bottles with drinking troughs that can be folded together. Also consider that asphalt can get very hot in the summer. Be careful not to let the dog walk directly on dark asphalt.

See drink cans you can take with you here

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