Care instructions for the Blue-headed Agame Acanthocercus Atricollis

Pasningsvejledning for Blåhovedet Agame Acanthocercus Atricollis

Scientific name: Acanthocercus Atricollis

Danish name: Blue-headed agame

Life expectancy:

Distribution: Africa



Males tend to be larger than females. They have a large broad head and a broad yellow/green stripe, their main body color is grey/brown. During the breeding season, the agams get a blue head, when feeding and at the hottest time of the day. The whole body can in rare cases turn blue, but this is rarely seen in captivity. An adult male will be around 35 cm.


When you choose a terrarium, you must remember that it is a semi-arboreal animal, so there must be both floor space and good climbing opportunities. A terrarium of L: 90, W: 45 and H: 60 cm will suit an individual just fine. If you have to keep a trio, a terrarium of L: 120, W: 60 and H: 90 cm will be suitable. There must be plenty of hiding places and thick branches for climbing opportunities.

They must have UVB and heat, which must be around 37 degrees at the warm end. All heating is switched off at night so the temperature can drop to 20-22 degrees. The length of the day should last between 12-14 hours.

The humidity should be at 65% at one end, so it is recommended to shower 2-3 times a day at one end of the terrarium.

It is possible to have several males, but there will be one dominant male who leads the pack.

The blue-headed agame eats anything they can gape at. They only eat animal food, so it is important to vary the diet. Good insects for them are grasshoppers, crickets, Dubai cockroaches, and as a treat it can get wax moths or mealworms. It should not have mealworms every day, as it is extremely fattening.

Signs of illness

Other things
You will quickly see that your agame will find a spot it especially wants to lie on. The males usually take the best place. They choose a high, warm area where it can keep an eye on the other agams.

Most of the ones you will find for sale will be wildly captured.

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