Care instructions for Green water game Physignathus cocincinus

Pasningsvejledning for Grøn vandagame Physignathus cocincinus

Scientific name: Physignathus cocincinus

Danish name: Green water game

Lifespan: 10-20 years

Distribution: Southeast Asia

Legislation: Not protected

Toxicity: Not toxic

The green water game can have a total length of up to 80-100 cm, of which 2/3 will be the tail. The males will be able to reach a weight of 600g and the females 350g. The name says a lot, it is a lizard that has a strong green color and loves to swim. Juveniles are brighter in color and have some light irregular transverse bands, as adults they will have a paler color. Adult water voles have a distinct crest that runs across the head and down the back. Their bodies are slender and suitable for climbing.

This agame lives in trees and close to rivers, you will often be able to see it lying on a suitably large branch over a stream, so that it keeps an eye on others, and jumps into the water if danger lurks. Before they resort to jumping, they will try to fall in with the branch or escape into a thicket if water escape is not possible.

Keep in terrarium
Water games get big and you have to keep that in mind when looking for a terrarium, many forget this when they see the cute little animals at the pet store. If you want to keep a couple of water games, the terrarium must be at least L: 200, D: 100 and H: 150 cm. It is important to have a large heated water section, at least 60% of the bottom area. As it will be a large lizard, the branches must be large and solid, there must also be plants in the terrarium as they are forest creatures.

In the warm end of the terrarium, the temperature should be 35-40 degrees and in the cold end 25-30 degrees. At night, all heating is turned off so that the temperature can drop to 18-22 degrees. It is important that the terrarium is showered 1-2 times a day, as they need to be moist. They require a regular daylight tube and a UVB tube.

It is a diurnal animal that will eat anything it can yawn across in its path. The food must mostly consist of insects of various kinds, it can be mealworms, cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers or other. Not too often you will be able to give them a dead mouse or fish. You should not give them mammal meat as it is quite fattening.

The species gets fat quickly, so you can make a plan with how much to give them per week to avoid this. All feed must be supplemented with vitamins and minerals. They will also gladly take sweet fruits such as mango, banana, kiwi, peach etc. you can advantageously buy baby moss with the like. fruits for them.

Signs of illness
If your animal lies apathetically, you can be sure that something is wrong, as it is usually an active lizard, and you must check that you have looked after it properly. If problems such as weight loss or liquid faeces should arise, a veterinarian should be contacted. Lack of UVB and calcium can cause rickets, which can be seen as deformed and weak bones that do not develop properly. If detected in time it can be cured by giving UVB and the right vitamins and minerals.

Other things
Vandagamers communicate by nodding their heads. During the mating season, they will nod vigorously.

At the pet dealer, bred animals will normally be offered, so there will not be a great risk to buy from a pet dealer, however, you should still make sure they are healthy and free of diseases before introducing them to other aquatic animals.

If you want to breed on your water jays, a winter rest of 8 weeks would be preferable. The temperature must be lowered 5 degrees below normal, and the same with the humidity. Many times you have to take them apart during the rest period. But many times they will still multiply without lowering the temperature or humidity. During mating, the female can get sores and bleed, so the partners must be separated.

Hatching of eggs
They will lay 1-2 litters per year of 10-12 eggs. The eggs must be incubated in vermiculite at 30 degrees for 90 days, with a humidity of almost 100%.

Care of cubs Keep the cubs under the same conditions as the parents, but the humidity must be higher. When the young have inhaled the entire yolk sac, they can be fed for the first time with the correct insects and flies.

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