Care instructions for leaf chameleon Rippeleon brevicaudatus

Pasningsvejledning for Bladkamæleon Rippeleon brevicaudatus

Scientific name: Rippeleon brevicaudatus

Danish name : Leaf chameleon

Lifespan: 2-6 years

Distribution: Tanzania, eastern Usambara and Ulugura mountains at an altitude of 300-900 m.


Toxicity: Not toxic

Males grow up to 8 cm in total length and females 7 cm. The females will probably appear larger than the males as they are stronger. They are brownish with grey-green shades and darker stripes. Some will even get a lot of yellow on them. The males can be distinguished from the females by the fact that they have a thicker root of the tail and are larger than the females.

It is a rainforest species that lives on the ground at the bottom of the rainforest, and a few meters up in the trees.

Keep in terrarium
It thrives easily if its basic needs are met. Leaf chameleons live alone, but if the tear area is large enough you can keep several of them together. However, males should never be kept together. For one male and two females, a terrarium of L: 80, D: 80 and H: 60 cm is suitable. The temperature in the terrarium must be 22-25 degrees, and must have a cold and warm end. At night, you can turn off all lights and heat so that the temperature drops to room temperature. The humidity should be around 70-100%. The bottom layer should consist of loam and sphagnum mixed together, and should be covered with withered leaves. There must be plenty of climbing branches as they really want to climb, and many plants that can collect the moisture. It is recommended to shower twice a day.

The terrarium must be lit with a mild UV tube and a fluorescent tube. Larger terrariums can be heated with a heat lamp but not a heating mat, it is a good idea to have a net at the top so that you get good ventilation.

Leaf chameleons eat all kinds of insects, just no bigger than the width of their mouth. If flies are fed as the main feed, the flies must be fed a healthy feed mixture. All feed animals must be shaken in vitamin powder.

Signs of illness
A healthy chameleon will sit with their eyes open and observe what is happening around them, if they sit with their eyes closed or sunken it could be stress or dehydration. A dark color can mean stress or too low a temperature. The animals must have a firm grip when climbing.

Other things
The leaf chameleon spends the day regulating their temperaur, hunting and defending the territory.

Farmed animals are preferable, as animals from the pet shop are delicate and often pregnant.

The female is pregnant for approximately 30 days and lays 2-6 eggs which are buried.

Hatching of eggs
The eggs must be incubated for 40-60 days at 18-25 degrees.

The young should be raised in a separate small terrarium. The feed must be small here, e.g. springtails, banana flies and aphids. They drink water in drop form. It can either be given from a dropper or by douching with a flower atomizer. However, you should avoid showering the chameleon babies themselves.

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