White-fronted amazone parrot - also called Brille amazone

Hvidpandet amazone papegøje  - også kaldet Brille amazone

my name is Raphael, my egg hatched on May 22, 2014 and I was ready to come from my breeder 3 months later (08/31/2014). I am named by Foderboxen after "The ninja turtles", because they think I look like a superhero with my nice red mask. TOUGH!!

My species (Latin: amazona albifrons albifrons nana, English: White-fronted amazon) is the smallest amazon species among about 30 amazon species. There are 3 subspecies for the white-fronted amazon and it is very different how much the white forehead is visible, with my subspecies it is the circles around the eyes that are the most obvious, that is why we are called spectacled monkeys or I mean spectacled amazons ;-D We only stay approx. 24-26 cm from head to tip of tail and then we weigh about 240 grams as adults. We don't even know how small we are (says Katja she read it in a book..???, um I'm not small!!) We are known for being agile, adventurous and very curious and like most Amazons We parrots are very social both towards people and other birds. We live an average of 40 years.

We are not as good at imitating human sounds/forms of words as other Amazons are, but we can still become reasonably good speakers, we can imitate up to 40 different words :)

In nature, we are flock birds and live mostly in flocks of 20 birds, but can also be found in flocks of several hundred birds (also birds from other species are found in flocks) in countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica. And then we spectacled Amazons are known to be quieter than our larger species.

In the wild, we have our nests in tree cavities, and we usually breed in the spring from February-June/July. The female usually lays 3-4 white eggs. The eggs are incubated for about 26 days, the young leave the nest at the age of about 60 days after hatching. A breeding pair cannot be expected to be good at breeding before they are about 5 years old.

In the wild, there are only 2 Amazon species that can be visually determined by sex. One is Amazona Xantholora, which is rarely seen in captivity. The other is me, the glasses amazon. Females and males are similar, but the male has a red border on the wing, which the female does not have, and then the male has a little more red marking around the eyes

"Can you see my red border on the wing?"

We eat fruit such as grapes, apples, fresh corn (not canned) sliced and sunflower and peanuts as treats (watch out for fattening) and then parrot/amazon mixes and pellets (60/40).

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Katja N-Masters
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Allan Jeppesen

Er det tiladt at mixe papegøjer , en pionus og brille Amazon gør man det , og kan man komme af med sådan en bastar papegøje.

December 21, 2019 at 11:45am

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