Remember list when buying an aquarium

Remember list when buying an aquarium/starting up (total start-up price approx. DKK 1,000, and then 5-800,- more for fish and miscellaneous):

We have started with a 54L aquarium as this is one of the most sold aquarium sizes today. The purchase price is approx. DKK 5-700 for the starter set. You may be sitting right now with just this size, should you need a larger one, just multiply up, as the principle is the same.

What it's all about when starting an aquarium is to ensure that your fish and plants have a place where they can live well and for a long time. And for this to happen, there are some basic things that must be in place.

- the water quality must be good

- there must be places to hide

- there must be plenty of plants (5-7 plants for 54L)

- a temperature of +23 for most fish, some fish need more heat and others less.

- aquarium lights are important for the well-being of the fish and plants and remember to change the tubes once a year

- a good bottom layer (acts as a filter and makes it easier to keep your plants).

This is the basis for ensuring a fish and catfish are well. Below is our suggested shopping list for a brand new aquarium:

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