Avoid animals under the Christmas tree - animals just don't make very good Christmas presents

Undgå dyr under juletræet

Among electronics, clothes and jewellery, in many places there is a dog, a cat or a rabbit on the wish list for Christmas. Both in children and adults. But you should never give an animal as a Christmas present for several reasons.

No wrapping of animals

It can be tempting to put the puppy or kitten in a large box with tape around it. But don't be. All animals stress in such a situation, even if there are air holes in the box and food and water available. The animal is confined in a small box without realizing why or for how long and is exposed to an external sound level that it is not aware of. Give  in  the place one gift card to eg. dog toys or something else under the tree.

Wait to pick up the dog or cat

Christmas Eve is a wonderful evening, but it is not a particularly animal-friendly evening. There are typically many people, noise, light and colors. It requires security to deal with, and a new dog or cat in the family will not be safe. An animal can easily be given as a gift if it is well thought out, but suffice with an indication of the gift on the day itself and collect the pet a few days later, when there is time and peace.

Consider the decision carefully

It can be tempting to fulfill the children's burning desire for a dog or a cat, but the decision should never be made on the basis of the children's wish. You as a parent must also be prepared for the increase in the family, because the responsibility will be yours - for many years to come. Children change interests all the time, and it is not advisable to send the dog on when the interest fades. An animal is a long-term acquisition, so the decision must be carefully considered.

Make the home pet-friendly

Some precautions must be taken when bringing a new pet home to the family. Of course, everything necessary must be purchased, for dogs e.g.

In addition, the house may need to be pet-proofed, so that cables are hidden away and sockets are blinded. A puppy can find itself biting the strangest things, so it may also be that new arrangements have to be made for where shoes and toys are to be stored.

Make a level

Dogs are the most demanding, and a dog should always be the family's decision to get, as it is a big responsibility, but regardless of which animal it is, a plan should be made for who walks, feeds, plays, cleans the cage, bathes, etc. The children can help with the easy things, depending on age, but everything around the animal is ultimately the responsibility of the parents.

Take time off

A dog or cat cannot be alone from day 1. It must fit into the family and learn to be alone at home if it is not used to it. Take time off from work for at least two weeks if it is a dog, and preferably longer. A hamster, a bird or a guinea pig does not have the same needs and can easily be alone at home immediately. However, you must always include extra time to be social with the animal at the beginning, so that it can become safe in its new home with its new family.

If you do not have the opportunity to take time off, it may be a solution to take the dog to work, or to have a family member stay with the dog while you are away.


Take out health insurance

If it is a cat or a dog, you should consider health insurance. Dogs must always be insured; it is required by law. But the health insurance is optional . However, it can save you a lot of money if your pet gets sick or is injured. The insurance does not cost very much, but must be taken out while the animal is young.

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