Check if your dog is overweight!

Tjek om din hund er overvægtig!

Christmas and New Year are over and everyday life begins little by little again. We know how it feels - maybe you're a little tired of Christmas food and sweets, so maybe... or maybe not, but we all know we have to stop ;-)

There are probably many of us who must/should lose a little weight in the new year - again and again... And again, like every other year, there will be plenty of new opportunities to live a little more healthily - YES!! if we're being completely honest sooooo - actually a bit like last year ik..

Well, enough about me, but this actually also applies to our four-legged friends, as far too many of them have also enjoyed 2019 a little too much ;-)

The good thing, however, is that there are plenty of options and they EASILY, unlike us, can stick to a meal plan that works - because it is not them themselves who have to stand for it or adhere to it, it is us.

But weight means an incredible amount to your four-legged friend, if it is overweight, it can, just like with us, cause an incredible number of problems, such as shortness of breath, especially during exercise, joint problems, lung diseases, heart problems, liver, diabetes and you could go on and on. know as the list is long.

On this overview from Hill's you can quickly see if your dog has weight problems:

Does your dog have weight problems?

But as I said, it's easy to do something about it if you follow the 5 good tips that come here:


So get your dog weighed at your local vet or wherever possible so you know its weight and can see what it should lose.


The quality of feed is always important, also when you want to lose weight, you need to feel full, you need to have enough nutrition etc. because it is not unhealthy to be on a diet... So always choose a quality product and for weight loss a quality diet product from i.a. Hill's and feed according to the weight stated on the bag. They write feed based on what it should weigh and not what it weighs. So if your dog weighs 28 kg but should weigh 20 kg, you must feed based on the 20 kg and not the 28 kg. The amount on the bag is also the maximum amount of feed per day. If necessary, ask your vet or at a pet store with trained staff - the staff are trained pet sitters in many "smaller" pet stores.

See our selection of slimming food for dogs here


It's about quantity, so deduct a little from the daily amount of feed if you give treats and choose some good quality and low-fat treats, we have a lot of different ones and, as I said, it's about quantity most of all.

But click here to see some of the treats that we can definitely recommend.


Go my. 1 long walk a day, preferably 1-5 km at a pace your dog can manage and if it is particularly overweight, divide the walk into small chunks so that it can last - remember that it may be walking around with a lot of kg % based on what it should weigh, and it can initially be hard on the joints.

Something you can also do is to look at the food bowl they have, it makes it a bit difficult, so that the man can enjoy himself with a Slow eat food bowl, there are quite a few.. click here

Or you can give it one Pulse food bowl from NORTHMATE which is something very special and will be mentally good for all dogs, not just those who are overweight.


Last advice is to keep at it and make sure other family members or friends don't give it treats or food.

Remember that excess weight causes and worsens many diseases, it reduces the lifespan and reduces the quality of life of your four-legged friend.

It is therefore very important that you and your family show patience and discipline in the fight against obesity. Only in this way can you help your dog to a longer and better life.

Good luck with the new healthy lifestyle and a very Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely
Jacob N Masters | Us with pets .dk

Ps If you want to read more about what Osmedkaeledyr .dk is and who is behind it, just click here: Us med petkeute .dk

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