Healthy treats for dogs

Sunde godbidder til hunde

Reward your dog with a healthy treat and you won't have to think about whether it's bad for the dog's weight and health. In fact, it is possible to find treats that are good for your dog's health.

We have listed some of the healthy treats for dogs here, so that you can easily find the good treats for your dog.

Treats for healthier teeth

Problems with the teeth are one of the biggest reasons why dogs suffer, are in pain and, together with obesity, are one of the 2 biggest causes of suffering, and in the worst case, premature death in dogs. Therefore, we can only warmly recommend that you do everything to keep your dog's teeth healthy. The most important thing here is to brush your dog's teeth daily with a toothbrush , so you avoid tartar and bad breath at the same time. If you can't get brushing into your daily routine, we highly recommend the teeth-cleansing complete food Oral Care From Hill's and Plaque Off , which is algae powder that dissolves the plaques on the teeth, and it is the plaques that turn into tartar. Many nasty bacteria can hide under tartar and it is precisely the bacteria that are dangerous to the dog's health.
But there are also lots of treats that help keep your dog's teeth looking good, the ones we ourselves like the most you can find here Teeth cleaning treats for dogs .

The low-fat treat for dogs

Obesity in dogs is very common and is one of the biggest causes of dogs suffering, having pain and is one of the biggest causes of dogs dying prematurely. The "good" thing about this disorder is, if it is not caused by improper nutrition, that it is usually something we can do something about.
Important: good quality food for your dog and then: use low-fat and healthy treats.

A healthy treat means that you can use it as supplementary feed, i.e. not 100% feeding, but it must have good nutrition, be low in fat and have some of the vitamins/minerals/proteins etc. that your feed also has.

The treats we recommend ourselves are treats made from pure meat, such as dried chicken and others of the same type: click here to see our selection. The next treats we highly recommend in Osmedkæ are treats from Hill's Sciences Plan and Specific, both of which have a selection of treats that, in the same way as their food, are made of the best and can be included in the dog's daily food.

See treats from Specific
See treats from Hill's

How many treats can you give your dog compared to other things in your fridge*

You don't always think about it, but human food is not made for our dogs and in fact you can give a lot of treats, compared to the leftover food we have in our fridge. Here's a small selection from one's fridge, compared to Healthy Treats treats from Specific. And remember, humans have produced food and made treats especially for dogs, because dogs absorb nutrients differently than us humans. And just one last thing, when you give treats to your dog, remember to give less food to the dog, otherwise you risk your dog gaining weight.

Leftovers from the fridge Healthy Treats Healthy Treats Mini

How many treats can you give instead of cheese A slice of cheese (15 g)



How many treats can you give instead of a spoonful of liver pate A spoonful of liver pâté (15 g)

6 22

How many treats can you give instead of a slice of bread A slice of bread (30 g)

8 29

How many treats can you give instead of a meatball? A meatball (50 g)

8 29

How many treats can you give instead of a sausage? Half a sausage (25 g)

7 25

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