My dog is always hungry – You can do that!

Min hund er altid sulten – Det kan du gøre!

Some dogs are always hungry. They empty the food bowl in two seconds and would happily continue if there was more food. They beg at the table, jump up to get some of the family's food and eat all sorts of abominations found on the walk - but why is your dog so insatiable?

First of all, there is a difference between dog breeds and individual dogs. Some dog breeds are generally hungrier than others, and some dogs just have a bigger appetite than others – just like with humans.

However, if food has become an obsession for the four-legged member of the family, something is wrong.

Consider, among other things:
- To change feed
- To increase the amount of food
- To supplement the feed with a supplement
- To mentally train your dog

Change the feed or increase the amount of food

First of all, it's about finding out if your dog is really hungry or if he's just happy to eat. Some types of dog food - especially the very cheap discount varieties - may well have the right amount of protein in %, but be from a poor protein source, which therefore i.a. doesn't satiate your dog - remember you can make protein from old car tyres, so choose a good quality dog ​​food so that you first of all ensure your dog gets a healthy and nutritious diet.

Maybe your dog gets the right amount of food without getting the right content. In that case, it may be a good idea to try switching to a protein-containing feed, which can give your dog a better feeling of satiety.

Dog food from Essential is made for dogs that are always hungry
One of the things that stands out about dog food from Essential is that it is made from real meat. When you look at the contents of the bag it says that there is chicken in it, so it is breast meat from a chicken and not bone meal or anything else. The meat that is used in the Essential feed is pure meat and from free-range animals or game-caught, with one exception the chicken meat is scratch chickens. They also always use 2 types of meat in their feed, which ensures all the minerals and vitamins your dog needs. And yes, it's really filling ;-)

But there is also plenty of good and saturated dog food from other brands - click here to see all the brands we carry in dog food .

Even though there is a recommended amount of feed on the package of dog food, you must also be aware that this is an indicative amount. Your dog may have a better than average metabolism or a slightly larger appetite. It can therefore also be a solution (on a trial basis) to slightly increase the amount of food at each portion - remember to weigh and keep a close eye on your dog's weight while you use, to increase the amount of food. But in the vast majority of cases, you have to reduce the amount of feed when you switch to quality feed. The feed instructions on the bags are a maximum amount per day. Start with 1. weigh your dog 2. take a picture (remember the date) of your dog's appearance seen from above, you quickly forget how thin or fat your dog is/was, since we see them every day and 3. to feed 10 % less than the guidance on the feed's maximum guidance per day. In fact, with the Essential feed, some dogs must be fed 50% more than the feed instructions - because there is a huge difference in energy level and combustion in the different dogs.

If your dog gets a lot of exercise, is trained often, goes hunting or anything else that allows it to burn more than average, it will also need more food or to switch to a dog food made for particularly active dogs, which hunting dogs or dogs that go to agility.

Supplement with dog toys and supplements for the feed

Some breeds and dogs are simply snack eaters and find joy in eating. The answer may be supplements to the feed that takes time to eat. It can be, for example, a ball with treats or a chewing bone . Be sure to choose treats that are healthy and nutritious so they can complement meals. That way, your dog won't become overweight from them.

Although these are healthy snacks, you should not overfeed your dog. Still stick to the recommendations and choose something that takes a long time to eat rather than something in a large amount. And remember that the snacks the dog gets in addition to the food must be included in the dog's daily amount of food.

Mentally train your dog

Dogs need both physical training and mental training. This applies to all breeds, but of course there is a difference in intensity. Some dogs eat because they are simply bored. It can be a solution to start training with your dog or to go for some long and exciting walks in the forest or on the beach, so that your dog can move, be stimulated and get rid of the thought of food all the time.

Comfort food can also be combined with mental training. The easy solution is to throw the feed around the garden instead of serving it in a bowl. The degree of difficulty can be increased by placing goodies in more challenging places, such as on stumps, in holes and thickets, etc.

In the wild, dogs would have to search and fight for their food, so this is a much more natural way of eating than simply being served. The food is also consumed over a longer period, and it will therefore be easier for the dog to register that it is actually full, rather than if the food is thrown inside
in a few seconds.

If necessary, look in our category for Activation & food balls or Intelligence training for dogs.

When the dog is aggressive when feeding

In the vast majority of cases, there is a simple explanation for why your dog wants to eat all the time, whether it is low-protein food or a lack of stimulation. And very few changes in everyday life can change the problem. But in some cases it requires a little more drastic effort.

This could be, for example, if your dog has developed aggressive behavior around eating. In that case, it requires training of this behavior, and here it would be a good idea to consult with a professional behavior trainer.

It must of course be respected that the dog wants to eat in peace and does not want to risk missing its food; it is very natural - but it must not be able to develop into a potentially dangerous situation where you or other family members risk getting stuck. In that case, action must be taken.

Some people have their aggressive dogs euthanized, but this is often completely unnecessary, as by far the most unwanted behavior can be trained away; although it requires effort.

A product that can help is a food bowl that makes it difficult for the dog to get hold of its dog food, which means it has to work to eat its food - you will find more models under our category Activation & food balls .

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