Teach your dog to be home alone

Lær din hund at være alene hjemme

There are many challenges associated with having a puppy that needs to be raised. It must learn to be clean, it must learn not to bite anything, it must learn to walk on a leash - and it must learn to be alone at home. The latter in particular can be associated with a lot of frustration in the family if the dog either does, pees or destroys things while you are at work.

Why can't my dog be left alone?

Basically, it is natural for your dog to react to being left behind. Dogs are pack animals, and they are therefore naturally "programmed" to seek out their pack. This means that your dog will be unhappy about being left behind and will therefore react by barking or beeping. It calls to its flock; on you and the rest of the family.

Another reason typically seen in teenage dogs who have previously been fine with being alone is that they destroy things; rips apart sofa cushions, bites shoes or panels. The fact that the dog destroys things when it is alone is typically because it is bored.

Separation anxiety or boredom?

When you have to teach your dog to be alone at home - without barking or destroying anything - you must first determine the cause of the behavior. Is your dog anxious or just bored? If the reactions are due to boredom, it is usually much easier to remedy; you just have to come up with something your dog can do when he is alone. There are several solutions:

  • Let your dog have a bone of meat when you leave the house
  • Let your dog have some good dog toys when you leave the house
  • Buy a friend for your dog so they can play and entertain each other

Your dog is afraid of being alone

Is the reason that your dog is afraid of being alone; regardless of whether it is an adult and has tried it before, or whether it is a puppy that needs to be trained alone at home for the first time, you must proceed differently when it comes to anxiety. You need to help your dog overcome its natural fear and convince it that it is okay to be alone at home. It requires patience and training. Puppies learn faster than adult dogs, so start training as early as possible, preferably already at 8-9 weeks of age.

How to train your dog to be alone

Before you begin the actual training, make sure the surroundings are in order. Minimize damage by closing off rooms or moving things, so you avoid getting annoyed with your dog. Expect that anything new takes time and that your dog may mess things up at first. Therefore, it is a good idea to limit the possibilities of damage. Create a safe environment for your dog with a good and cozy dog basket, perhaps a teddy bear and some toys. Please have some activation ready that the dog only gets when it has to be alone. For example, a ball with dog treats . This partly shows the dog that now it must be alone, and then it has something to do in the meantime.

Same ritual every time you go

When the dog has to be alone at home for the first time, you walk quite a bit. Make sure you only enter the door when the dog has stopped barking, so that you reward the desired behavior. You are quietly extending the time you are away. Remember to start your "now you must be alone" ritual all over again every time you go, so that the dog is directed to his basket, gets his ball, is scratched behind the ear, etc., before you leave. The ritual must be the same every time. And then it is to arm yourself with patience and train, train and train.

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Annika Bjune

Min hund er 5 måneder og syntes jeg har prøvet alt men den kan bare ikke være alene hjemme og det fylder så maget i min verden og bliver fustret over dette han både gør og piber kan enda låse dør op men heldigvis ikke åbne den har mega brug for hjælp til det nu det er mega træls og jeg er tom for ider og der er kun ham og mig så ved ikke hvad jeg skal gøre nu

November 25, 2021 at 17:33pm

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