Cut the dog very short in the winter!

Klip hunden helt kort om vinteren!

Read here why it is better to cut the dog short than to leave the long-haired dog tangled and long-haired...

" ...dear dog owner 💕 A little prayer from the dog groomer and your furry friends: let your dog get a haircut so it can keep warm. "

All dog owners want the very best for their four-legged friends. And luckily for that! Unfortunately, the vast majority of fur dog owners who go to the dog groomer are hyper-aware that they should not be cut when it is cold. Because then they freeze!
This incorrect setting means that our little furry friends are constantly walking and are wet due to the weather in a very long and often matted coat. The wetter they are, the colder they will feel both when they are outside, but also when they come in after a walk and it takes many hours to dry. Ice and snow will stick to a long coat and will make the doggies unable to keep warm.

A short-cut dog, on the other hand, dries quickly and therefore becomes warm again in a short time. They will not be through wet legs and stomachs on the walk, as there is no fur to absorb water, snow and ice from the ground and no thick matted fur to retain moisture.

Imagine how you yourself will freeze around your head and how the wind feels biting if you go out with drenched hair. And imagine when you come back in and your hair is wet and freezing cold, how long it would take to dry! And until then you wouldn't be able to get the heat.
What I am trying to say as a dog groomer is that a long coat does not warm your dog in wet and cold weather. Almost the opposite. In addition, many people choose to completely skip grooming here in the winter and as soon as it is spring, I see a lot of neglected dogs, where the fur has become so tangled that it is decidedly a sin for the dog. I see ears that have become so tangled that they have grown together with the fur on the head. Fur under the front legs which is so matted that the dog may have difficulty moving freely.
Imagine that you yourself had a proper tangled tot under your arms, so that you couldn't lift them without it hurting like crazy. Often, when such matted fur is completely cut off, the dogs have bleeding all over their body, as the fur has been raised in the skin for a long time.

No animal owner does anything in bad faith, but because they are not informed correctly and therefore we inform here from Foderboxen that it is therefore a misunderstood kindness, not to let your dog cut when it is cold. In the worst case, a wet matted coat (even if it is blow-dried when you come in) can lead to various skin problems such as hotspots, fungus etc. the fur will therefore tangle at the bottom and become increasingly damp.

Better to cut the dog short (and take the consequence that it was tangled and therefore cut down) buy a good blanket for the dog that will keep it both warm and dry...

So, dear dog owner... a little request from the dog groomer and your furry friends: let your dog be cut if your dog is matted so that it can keep warm 😊

Etc. Alma
Trained dog groomer

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1 thought on “Cut the dog very short in the winter!

Michelle Gjerløv

Jeg vil ønske alle med langhårede hunde vil følge hundefrisørens gode råd. I vil få en gladere og mere veltilfreds hund. Tro mig hun ved hvad hun taler om.

November 6, 2017 at 16:07pm

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