How do I spend my first holiday without my cat?

Hvordan holder jeg min første ferie uden min kat?

There can be many questions in connection with holding a summer holiday when you have a pet. If you own a cat, the questions may sound like the following:

- Where will my cat be when I'm away from it?
- Is it enough for it that my neighbor comes to watch, feed and play with it every other day?
- Should it preferably be in a cat boarding house?
- Can it come with me to the summer house or further south?
- Will my cat be worried that I am not home and possibly run away?

Cats like to be at home the most and things can go so badly that they get sick from too much change, it is therefore important to take care of the cat when you go on holiday. The best thing for the cat is if it can stay at home and go out through a cat litter during the summer, especially.

If your cat can stay at home while the neighbour, family or friends come by and feed it, you must remember to have a magnetic cat collar or chip in the cat collar. In addition, it is important that your cat is an adult before this happens.

How long at a time can I go away?

You can actually be away for a long time, but it's good to have a daily check on your cat to make sure it's drinking enough water and eating enough food, especially if it can't go outside.

The best way to do this is to gradually get the cat used to being alone. In addition, it is good to be able to have a visit from the person who will look after the cat before departure. The cat must have water, food, be checked to see if it is well and be petted during the visit.

Can I take my cat on holiday?

An option that for some is easier and more reassuring is if the cat can come on holiday. It is of course easiest that it is a holiday in Denmark in e.g. cottage. It is not a matter of course that your cat simply sticks to you as the owner, as the cat may find itself looking for its familiar home and its familiar surroundings. It is therefore a good idea to have your cat earmarked or chipped. A good tip might be to keep your cat indoors for a few days, and if it's a safe area, you can let it out after a few days.

To ensure that your cat does not run away, you can start by wearing a cat harness.

If you are going on holiday, it is a good idea to get the cat used to it from the time it is a kitten, and if it is not, you can get it used to it gradually. In the same way, it is important to get your cat used to sailing if you are going on a sailing trip over the summer. If you are going on a camping holiday, the cat should only be in a harness or in a cage when you are outdoors.

Cat boarding houses and cat hotels

Another option is to have your cat at a cat boarding house or a cat hotel. It can be a good idea to look at different guest houses and cat hotels before the holiday begins, so that you can find the best place for your cat. There are many good places for your cat to stay. It is important to be aware that in some places they keep cats in cages for many hours of the day, where the best thing is to find a place where they are out of the cage as much as possible.

In some places they even walk completely freely all the time and can choose to go into their own cage if they wish.

It is also in connection with a cat boarding house or a cat hotel, a good idea to let your cat spend the night there for a few days the first time, so that your cat gets used to staying there quietly.

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