How do I activate my cat?

Hvordan aktiverer jeg min kat?

Your cat's well-being and well-being can be improved and/or maintained by physical activity throughout life. In addition to a better life for your cat, there will be fewer behavioral problems with your cat. We will explain some of the ways in which you can activate your cat below.

Activation where you as the owner are participating

It's one thing for your cat to be active, but another thing is to build on the relationship between you, which you can do by playing together. It can be a good routine to play together every day for a duration of 5-10 minutes. It is enough to stimulate your pet and create a chemistry with it too. A toy that many cats like and their owners also love are fishing poles with feathers on them, which the cat can hunt.

Play for the cat itself

Another toy that can function as a supplement to interactive toys is toys that the cat can play with alone. Here, an example could be balls, fake mice or rats and toys that can be stuck to the wall, which the cat can push and chase.

Toys that move electronically

Another type of toy you can use with your cat to keep it active is battery-operated or electronic toys. Here, a good example is a battery-powered mouse, where the owner does not have to move and the cat is further activated in addition to being with you. Another type of battery operated or electronic toy is a laser pen that your cat can have a lot of fun chasing.

Activation through playing with food

By nature, the cat hunts its food, so it is a good activity for the cat to work for food. The cat can find food around the apartment or house that you have hidden in little nooks, corners and other places. You can make it clear to your cat that it is a game by hiding food in some easy places to start with, to later make it more and more difficult for the cat to find the food. An example of an activity while the cat is eating is a food dispenser, which is also called a 'wobbler'.

Go out and play outdoors

It can also be even more fun to move if you go outside the walls of the house in a harness or leash. The cat can be trained to walk. However, the cat is not like dogs and therefore cannot walk nicely next to you or necessarily learn to walk in place. However, it can be nice for your cat to enjoy the freedom, the movement in the open air and explore all the exciting smells and the green areas outside.

The heights in your home as part of the game

As much as the floor surfaces are important for your cat to be active, the heights in your home can also be used for activity and play. Your cat will love you if you make it possible for your cat to be able to reach the heights. You can get a cat tree, some shelves or something your cat can climb. You can also make shelves that are specifically to be used by your cat, where you can mount anti-slip material on the shelves so that your cat can jump up. In addition, windowsills can be used by your cat to survey the room and run along. Finally, it is important to point out that it is important to play with your cat around floor areas, but also up in the heights.

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