How much water should your cat actually drink?

Hvor meget skal din kat egentlig drikke af vand?

Originally, the cat is a predator by nature, which used to live in the desert. It is anatomically what the cat is designed for - to cover its fluid needs in the desert through the food it consumes, as the cat's prey contains approx. 80 percent water. This is enough for the cat not to dehydrate, even if it is dry out in the desert.

It looks a little different when we keep the cat as a pet today, where several cat owners feed their cat with dry food, which has a low percentage of 8 percent water in it. To this it can be added that the cat is possibly an outdoor cat and thus has access to catch mice and small birds, but this is usually not enough to cover the cat's fluid needs. The cat as a pet must therefore consume a combination of wet food, dry food and water. It is therefore very important that your cat always has clean drinking water.

What can occur when the cat does not consume enough water are "stones" or "crystals" in the bladder and/or in the urinary tract. As a cat owner, you can help your cat drink enough water by finding the way your cat prefers to have its water served.

In the following, we will outline some of the ways in which your cat can increase its water intake:

It is important to choose the water bowl carefully. Plastic bowls can give off a taste that the cat does not like, which is why the cat often prefers ceramic, glass or metal bowls.

The shape of the water bowl is relevant, as the cat's long and sensitive whiskers must have space. Therefore, choose a large and wide water bowl for your cat.

A tip could be to place several water bowls around the home - in the case of several cats in the home, it is important that each cat has its own bowl.

As the cat is a hyper clean animal, it is important that there is a large distance between the water bowl (and food bowl for that matter) and the litter box.

One way to get your cat to drink even more water is to get a fountain or a small fountain.

Every time you fill up the water bowl, it will be preferable for your cat to fill it right up to the brim.

The water should not be cold, but rather at room temperature.

Add water to both wet and dry food.

"Bouillon" ice cubes (homemade):

Water from cooked meat or our popular liquid snacks is fed into an ice cube tray
Put in the freezer

Add a flavored ice cube to the cat's water daily

REMEMBER to change the water often when there is a taste in it

For older cats, it may be comfortable for the water bowl to be raised a little (e.g. place the bowl on some books), as the cat may have osteoarthritis or other problems in the joints.

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