What should you pay attention to when you set out to buy a puppy?

Hvad skal du være opmærksom på, når du begiver dig ud i at købe en hundehvalp?

Buying a puppy is not just about looking at ads and choosing the nicest one at the most reasonable price. It is important that you ask the breeder the right questions and most relevant of all is that you do not commit to a purchase until you have seen the puppy and seen the conditions it lives under at the breeder. Below we will review some good advice and tips for your hunt for your future best friend; The dog.

How does the puppy live?

The good and serious breeders always want to show where the puppies grew up, which is also decisive for whether you should buy the puppy. It is important that you see where they spend most of their day, where they sleep and where they go out during the day. It can be a good tip that you pay particular attention to the following: dry, clean, warm and bright surroundings at the breeder and that there is always free access to water and toys.

The puppies in calmer circumstances

The fact that you see the puppy in full vigor, running around and playing is really wonderful, but it is also beneficial for you to see the puppies at ease. If you sit with the puppy and it seems to withdraw or seem shy, this is often a bad sign. It may make you want to save the puppy, but it's actually not for the best. The best thing here is to jump off, so the breeder does not continue his work.

The puppy's mother

It will always be a good idea to see the puppy's mother, as the puppy has inherited genes from her and she has been with the puppy for the first 8 weeks of its life. The puppy's mother must therefore have a temperament that you find pleasant. You can advantageously see the mother and the puppy together and observe their behavior together. If the puppy does not live with the mother of the puppy and the puppy is 8 weeks old or younger, this is a danger signal that you must be aware of, as it may indicate that the breeder is dealing illegally with puppies.

Worm treatment, vaccination and chip

There are a few measures that must be in order before the puppy can be handed over to you and which it is important to ask the breeder about. All puppies in Denmark must be chipped before they leave the breeder. The puppy must be wormed within the first few weeks of its life. Vaccination can be both your task or the breeder's, it depends on what is written down in the purchase contract.

Papers on the puppy

If the puppy you want to buy has a pedigree, it comes with the puppy when you buy it and does not have to be sent afterwards. Pay attention to whether the puppy has been seen by a vet and has a health certificate with it before it is handed over to you. The puppy's health papers must be completed by a Danish doctor in Danish-bred puppies.

Breeder's history for choosing a breed

In addition to the fact that it may be interesting for you to hear about the breed of your possible future puppy, what makes it special and what may be difficult about the breed, it is also a good idea to ask the breeder about their relationship to the breed. The story can be fun to include, but also useful for you as a future puppy owner.

Puppy food

It is really important that your puppy gets the right food for its needs and what breed it is. In addition, you can ask the breeder if you can get some feed with the purchase, for example. Familiarize yourself with your new puppy's breed and the food that suits it. You are investing here in your puppy's well-being and health in the long run.

The socialization of the puppy

It is an important time for your future puppy's life, in the first weeks, when they want to be socialized - which is really important for your dog's life. You can advantageously ask the breeder about the experiences the puppy has had in connection with socialization. You can ask about the following:

- Has the puppy been socialized with other dogs?
- Has the puppy been in the company of children? If so, how much?
- Has it been driven? If so, how much?
- What sounds is the puppy used to hearing - such as blenders, cars, vacuum cleaners, etc.?

It is important here that the dog has been exposed to socialization and therefore it is relevant that you as a future dog owner are aware of this.

Breeder's litter - how many puppies has the mother given birth to

It can give a good insight into the seriousness of the breeder towards breeding the dog, to ask how often the mother of the puppies has given birth - is it annually or several times a year? It can be a sign that the breeder is serious if they only have one litter a year, for example. It gives an idea that the breeder spends the necessary time and energy needed to be a good and serious breeder. In a bitch's lifetime, she should have a maximum of 5 litters - it is therefore important to ask how many times she has given birth. If she has given birth before, it may be a good idea to ask how the previous puppies have been. You can also call the owners of previously sold puppies to get some input on what their experiences have been with the puppies and the breeder.

Purchase contract including the price of the puppy

Finally, it is very important that there is an agreement between you as the buyer and the breeder as to what the price of the puppy should be. In addition, it is a good idea to align expectations in relation to the purchase contract, where it is largely the serious breeders who have purchase contracts, especially if they have a pedigree from the Danish Kennel Club, which uses purchase contracts.

Finally, we would like to make you aware that you must feel confident in the answers the breeder gives you, because otherwise it may be necessary to ask yourself whether you should have a puppy through this particular breeder. It may be necessary and not least useful to have done a lot of preparatory work before buying a puppy, as it will be a partner with you for hopefully many years.

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