The summer months are well under way, the temperatures have risen. While everyone goes outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, the needs of our pets are sometimes forgotten. While they may actually need extra attention during this time. Every year there are a number of cases of dogs dying from overheating.

What is heat stress?
Heat stress for dogs is a condition that causes them to be unable to control their body temperature due to high temperatures combined with humidity. The overheating is because dogs can't sweat through their skin like humans can, which means they can't get rid of excess heat. The normal body temperature for a dog is around 38 - 39 degrees Celcius. When the body temperature rises above 40.5 degrees Celsius, the dog's health is at risk.

What are the effects of heat stress?
In an attempt to restore the body to a normal temperature, the body tries to increase the heat effect by forcing a faster blood circulation. The heart rate goes up, which makes the heart work harder. The dog begins to sweat (through the foot pads) and breathes faster.

Overheating can have serious, sometimes even fatal, consequences for a dog. They may suffer from body (muscle) cramps, walk around dazed and confused, may even vomit and have diarrhea and in some cases a dark red/purple tongue. The dog may also be very weak, which happens when there is insufficient blood flow to the brain. In the worst cases, the dog can suffer from heatstroke, which can result in death.

How can you treat your dog when it suffers from heat stress?
When your dog suffers from heatstroke, it is vital that you remove the dog from the heat immediately, carry it to a cool, ventilated room and place the dog on a cool surface. Try to gradually lower the dog's body temperature - DO NOT pour a bucket of water over your dog as this will cause too rapid cooling. The head cools down gradually so that the brain does not overheat and the dog's breathing improves. Offer the dog water as much as it wants to drink, maybe even with some dissolved salt in it.

How can you prevent your dog from getting heat stress?
Of course, it is always better to avoid heat stress. Make sure the dog always has enough cold water. It is also important to keep the dog's body cool. Special cooling mats like the one from trixie ensure that your dog always has a cool place to rest. The special gel in the mat ensures that this mat is always cool, even on the hottest days. And with products like the Chuckit Hydro Squeeze Ball & Chuckit Hydro Squeeze Bumper , your dog can enjoy the warm weather as much as you!

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