Keep your bird hygienic

Hold din fugl hygiejnisk

Clip the bird's nails

On some birds, their nails do not wear down naturally, so it may be necessary to trim their nails. There is a nerve and a blood vessel in the nails of birds, which you must not hit with nail clippers, as dogs and cats also have. Cutting a nerve or a blood vessel can have minor or major consequences. Infections can occur, it can be difficult to stop the bleeding and finally it hurts to be cut in a nerve. Birds can get overgrown nails, which can also be prevented. You can cover the inside of the cage with natural branches, which can be beech or birch branches, in addition it can be advantageous to use ceramic perches or sticks made of stone.

One could imagine that sandpaper on the perches or sandpaper in the bottom of the bird(s) cage could be an advantage for overgrown nails, but we have to advise against this, as sandpaper does not sand the nails very well - the bird(s) can be so unlucky to get sores and boils in the toes from the sandpaper.

Trimming the beak of your bird

First of all, it must be stated that beaks in birds are not usually trimmed, only in cases of deformities at birth or the disease 'crooked beak', which the bird cannot wear down itself.

If your bird needs to have its beak trimmed, it must be done by a vet, as the beak can split if you try it yourself. The beak is trimmed with a small drill, which can be a dentist's drill and most often it is the upper beak that needs to be trimmed.

When the bird needs to be bathed

Birds usually like to bathe daily and are very hygienic. It is therefore important to have clean bathing water with the bird every day. If your bird does not like to bathe itself, you can shower them with a flower sprayer.

After bathing, most birds will groom their fur by straightening the fur with their beaks. This way of cleaning is important for the bird and prevents boredom in the bird, especially for parrots who can develop behavioral problems later on if they are not kept busy in this way. Canaries like to bathe in flat bowls of water, whereas the budgie will usually roll in wet lettuce or dandelion leaves.

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