Guide: How to make your cat clean

Guide: Sådan gør du din kat renlig

Every year, thousands of cats are surrendered to boarding schools and cat shelters. Many are unwanted kittens, but a large number are also adult cats that are handed in, among other things. due to lack of cleanliness.

Why is the cat not clean?

Unless the cat is ill or has something physically wrong in general, it will be possible to train it to be clean.

When the cat becomes clean depends both on breed, environment and type of cleanliness training. Some cats take longer than others - just like with children. Some cats will also have periods in their lives when they "forget" the litter box, e.g. in connection with maturity, relocation or other stress factors.

Cleanliness training - How to do it

Basically, the cat is a clean animal. It can be seen, for example, know that outdoor cats typically litter one or more specific places (e.g. the flower bed or the sandbox) and that they cover it up after themselves.

Many kittens will learn to use the litter box from their mother if they are with her long enough.

Therefore, it may be a good idea to choose a kitten that is not taken from the mother before time, but perhaps more easily taken after the legally required 12 weeks.

If the kitten is not clean, you should buy an open litter box with a neutral cat litter - preferably the same that the kitten has been used to from previous homes. Place the litter box at a good distance from the basket and food bowl, preferably in a private corner. Show the kitten where the tray is and feel free to put it there after every meal, or whenever
the kitten sets out to deliver elsewhere.

Make sure that the tray is low enough that the kitten can get in and out of it by itself, and just fill the bottom with cat litter so that the kitten has no difficulty moving around the tray.

Remove debris as soon as possible, and use quality cat litter that is 100% clumping, can be purchased from most vets and pet stores. With cheap cat litter, you will often find that the tray must be completely emptied and cleaned to remove odors, as it does not clump and there will be residues of urine and faeces. The good quality cat litter is quite a bit more expensive at the moment of purchase, but it lasts much longer, does not create dust and clumps around everything that is damp. Therefore, it lasts much longer.

When washing the tray, you should just do it in warm water and soap. Cats have very delicate noses, so harsh cleaners can cause them to avoid getting into the tray, and certain disinfectants and cleaners can be downright toxic to cats.

And remember to thoroughly clean the places where the cat comes to defecate, here we recommend cleaning with Urine Off for cats, as this also removes the urine crystals on the surfaces, otherwise you risk the cat continuing to defecate in the same place again and again, and then you have a bad habit. You can also, after cleaning with urine off, spray with "stay away dog & cat"

Accidents happen

As with all other animal children (and human children), accidents will happen during cleanliness training.

Do not scold the kitten, because it does not know how to connect scolding with its misfortune. Instead, it will be frightened by your outcome, and this will affect your relationship negatively.

Praise it when it uses the litter box and say "never mind" when an accident happens outside the litter box.

If there is a sudden accident while the cat is clean, regardless of age, you should carefully consider the reason. As mentioned, cats are clean animals by nature, and something could be wrong if they suddenly have an accident - especially if it happens regularly. Consider whether there have been changes in the cat's everyday life that could stress it.

It can be anything from moving to painting the house (odor nuisance), use of new cleaning products, new pet, etc.

If there is nothing immediately that could have provoked stress in the cat, you should have it examined by a veterinarian to rule out illness, e.g. cystitis.

Young cats coming into heat for the first time may also become unclean for a period of time. Especially male cats.

When the stress factor is removed, or when the cat gets used to it, cleanliness will typically return completely by itself. However, this is where some cat owners have already handed their "unclean" cat over to a boarding school or given it away, which will only be an even greater stress factor for the cat.

Instead, be patient, don't scold, show the way to the litter box and give your cat reassurance.

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