Good pets for children

Gode kæledyr til børn
You probably know the rumble: Your daughter desperately wants a pet. A best friend that she can look after and nurture. Preferably a puppy. Or a pony. But you just know that the interest in looking after and care lasts for a maximum of 2 weeks, and then you are the one who hangs on to all the sourness.

A pet is a good idea

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to let children have pets. As a parent, however, you must be aware that children must never bear the responsibility alone. A pet is a joint decision and a joint project – and yes, it is most likely you as a parent who is ultimately responsible for airing or cleaning the cage. Otherwise, at least you who remember to get it done. If you agree to be part of "project pets", your child can learn a lot by taking part in the care. Not least, what an animal requires, but also about responsibility and agreements.

Find the right pet

Long down the road, it's about finding a pet that you, as a parent, can take care of when the novelty value is over, and which you can at the same time demand that your child still take part in, even if he might not want to. It must therefore be easy to care for and not require too much. Unless you desperately want a puppy yourself, this is not the place to start when your daughter is agonizing over her first pet.

Aquarium fish

Some of the easiest things to care for are aquarium fish. You buy an aquarium, sand or gravel and some plants. The fish are nice to look at and pretty much look after themselves. The water must be changed once in a while, and the fish must be fed daily. But mostly it is easy and not very time consuming. They can also easily be home alone for a long time at a time, and they are easy to get a passport for if you are going on holiday.

A budgie

If it's a little more entertaining than aquarium fish, a budgie is a good bet. Again, the cage should only be cleaned once a week, and otherwise the bird should have some food and water daily. In return, you get an animal that needs to be entertained by talking and interacting for an hour a day. When interest wears off, you can buy another parakeet so that the birds can entertain each other to a greater extent.

A guinea pig

It is debatable whether a fish or a bird is actually a pet, as they cannot be petted. If your daughter wants an animal that she can pet and snuggle with, you can consider a little shaggy friend in the form of a guinea pig. Guinea pigs are both cute to look at and if they are socialized from the start, they can become very tame and even squeal with delight at the sight of you or another family member. They are still relatively easy to care for. Requires water, food and greens daily and must have cage cleaned 1 - 2 times a week. On the other hand, they must be talked to several times a day so that they do not become shy and, in the worst case, bite when touched.

A cat

A cat – especially if it is an outdoor cat – is also an indication of a relatively easy animal. Cats come themselves when they need attention. An ordinary domestic cat also only needs access to clean water and the right cat food and a place to sharpen its claws. If there is space and time for it, a cat is a very child-friendly animal that allows for a lot more interaction than the other animals.

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