Spoil your dog this Christmas

Forkæl din hund i julen

Perhaps you have already bought a ready-made Christmas calendar for your four-legged friend - or else you can easily make one yourself or combine the already bought one with a little extra and free pampering.

Make your own Christmas calendar for a dog

In Denmark, we are happy with our pets - and we often treat them as part of the family. When the children get a package or advent calendar, the dog must of course also have one. There is a large selection of ready-made Christmas calendars on the market, but if you want to ensure that your dog's preferences are met, you can advantageously put together this year's Christmas calendar for your dog yourself.

We can also make it for you:


Advent calendar for dogs

An Advent calendar can consist of some of your dog's favorite snacks or new exciting dog treats every Sunday in Advent. It can, for example, be pig's ear , bone with filling , ham bone or chewing bone . You can also make an advent calendar with activity toys , so that your dog gets new stimuli once a week. Perhaps the dog needs to be alone more often in connection with Christmas events, and then it is well spent with a little new entertainment.

Package calendar for dogs

If your dog needs a little extra pampering, you can replace the four packages of the advent calendar with a small gift each day. You can advantageously buy a pack of your dog's favorite dog treats and give one every day, or you can be creative and make the treats yourself when you are still busy with the Christmas cookies.

Free Christmas calendar for dogs

It doesn't have to cost money to make a good Christmas calendar for your dog. You can easily replace treats and activity toys with dog-friendly activities or walks in new and exciting places. The calendar is actually more for you than for your dog, because it doesn't know what it's missing. In return, it will love you for taking it on adventures.

Create a calendar that reminds you to leave the sofa, wrap up and drive off – to a new dog park, to the beach, to the toboggan run or something completely different that will bring a few hours of joy. If there are children in the family, it's a win-win, as they will surely be just as happy to be out and about with the family during the Christmas weekends.

Make December nice for your dog

Many people don't think about the fact that while Christmas is extra cozy for us, it might not be so cozy for our dog. We are extra busy, are less at home, there may be many people visiting, and there are fireworks that give rise to nervousness and uneasiness. Perhaps the walk is shorter or it is periodically skipped. All in all, we should remember our dogs at Christmas time, so that December will also be a nice month for them. Always provide entertainment or snacks when they are alone, and consider hiring a dog walker if the family is a little too busy with Christmas preparations.

Take your precautions when it's cold

It's one thing to spoil your dog, it's another thing to take good care of it in the cold weather. Be sure to lubricate your dog's paws with paw wax when it is freezing weather or when salt has been applied, and please rinse with lukewarm water after each walk. If it is a small breed of dog without an undercoat, you can advantageously buy a blanket to keep it warm. In addition, it is important to have reflectors for both dog and dog walker, so that you are seen in the dark.

Most dogs don't care about the weather, and most dogs can easily go outside for long periods of time, even if it's cold. If there is severe frost, smaller dog breeds should stay indoors.

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